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My Girl Alexia
Today ... is a very special day for my grand daughter Alexia. Well I guess it is a very special day for all of us because of my grand daughter. Alexia is 11 years old and she just completed the 5th grade. She will no longer go to the school she started in the first grade becasue she is now graduated to the 6th grade so she is now moving to another school, or middle school. However, during her last week of school she was nonimated by her school to receive a scholarship that was put up by a family who lost their child when he was in the 5th grade. This happened 26 years ago and every year a very substantial college scholarship goes to one of over a 1000 camden county kids who meet the criteria that was established by the child's family. This year, the person to recieve this scholarship is my Alexia. I am so proud of her.

What happend is she was invited to a dinner, where she was told that she was one of 28 other children who had been also nominated from the entire camden county school district. Only immediate family members could come to this dinner. It was a dinner at night and it was paid for by the school district or maybe the family granting the scholarships. At the time we didn't know exactly what was happening.

Alexia was given tickets for her mother father and siblings. She asked her teacher if she could bring me and her papa... we go everywhere when she gets awards etc. Her teacher told her only her parents and siblings. Then suddenly the day before the actual dinner... Brandi her mother receives a call from Alexia's principal..and he says to invite Del and I also. Consequently we all went. None of us at this time knew exactly what it was all about.

At the dinner a couple of weeks ago, the family who gives the scholarship shows a slide of their child and why this scholarship is so important to them. That is when we learn that their is a scholarship as part of the award. What happens is based on a criteria, each school in our county school district is asked to nominate one candidate based on a criteria to possibly recieve this award. So the process is as such:
Each teacher writes letter explaining why their student who they are nominated should recieved the award ... etc etc and then all these letters are reviewed along with report cards, the chlds school file etc. Once the school as nominated their student that students information goes before the district to be reviewed. There is a committe which also includes the sister of the brother who died 26 years ago. From this process, our ALexia was chosen.
Here were all the reasons she was chosen(if I remember it correctly)
1. Since the first grade, through the entire 5 years of school, she has been a model student. Examples given were that she was always the first to assist another student who was having trouble in school. She volunteered to be on a committe to help kids after school who was having trouble with their school work. She was elected to be the class president 3 years out of the 5. She was asked by the school counselors to join a project where students assist students who have anger and coping concerns, she is kind and loved by all, she is always the first to give up her place to make sure that a new child is welcomed in to the class room, she was respectful in the classroom and on and on and on.
2. The next situation was about her academics. Alexia has received only one B since she started school. She is a straight A person and always has been. She was promoted to the excell classes when she was in the 3rd grade and has continued to maintain her A status.
3. Her outside activities included things such as Brownies, Girl Scouts, dance, Art (you have all seen her ability in this area) and the swimming club.

The bottom line is she won the award. We are so proud of her so today her mom and dad and it looks like me, are giving her a big party. She is having a hawaiian aluau around her pool outside. There are 22 kids and their parents coming to this party. I have been cooking all week for it. I have to have the food there by 4 pm today. Today I have to make all the trays up, decorate all the dessets, finish the dips for the fruit, vegetables, etc. I also have to decorate the chocolate dipped strawberries, and then fill the watermellon boats. I don't like to cut up vegetable or fruit too early so it has to be done today. I also made some pudding pies in miniture pie pans that must be competed today adn her home ice cream is just sitting in the refriegerator waiting to be put in the maker... we have all colds foods as it is out side... Del just left to get more ice to fill my outside containers with to keep the food fresh. I made potatoe, mac, and lettues salads yesterday. I three chickens, 1 roast beef to make a sandwich tray with. I guess the bottom line here...we are so proud of her.... her scholarship will actually pay for her in a nice college her first 2 years with room and board, books all paid. Her parents are delighted and this party is her reward from them for a job well done. I will be busy again today, but I will take some pics and show you all tonight... thanks for reading all of this ...in my excitement it got long... love you all Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
ahhhhhhhh give her a big hug get down and let her know I love her and am so proud of her it is important that children are told this and that she knows there are people all over with a big smile on today just for her
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Tell Alexia I am very happy for her, very awesome!
jayne...thank you so much... she really enjoy Daniel and you when y ou were here visiting... she still talks about Daniel all the time and asks when you are all coming back to visit. When we were going to Atlantic City to see a forum friend (MJC) she asked is it Daniel and jayne... ???? she had so much fun with Daniel and I belive he enjoyed her company as well... they are both great kids... love you Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Please tell Alexia congratulations and give her one of my cajun hugsssssss. My lord, how proud I know you and Dell are of her. What a beautiful child she is, inside and out. Just like her grandmother! You know, the apple does not fall far from the tree. I hope everyone has a grand time at the party. The food sounds wonderful and I am hungry, have not eaten yet today. Now I will have to go grab a bite of something.....won't be as good as what you posted sounds but oh well, just have to be satisfied I guess. You never seem to stop, do you? I do know how you love doing all this type of stuff and I know you are in your glory. The scholarship is wonderful and what a help that will be for both Alexia and her parents. Congratulations to you also as I am sure you had a hand in the way Alexia is turning out to be a beautiful young lady. Love y'all!

Cajun Hugssssssssssssss,
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What a wonderful scholarship that is Red, and to be awarded to her at such a young age. That is truly a huge incentive for her to look forwward to and aspire to from now until she goes to College.

You all must be very happy, and the pride is busting out all over.

Congratulations to Alexia and her "entire" family. Have a fun party. Tongue
Let Go, and Let God......
red tell her we are so glad for her
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
WTG Alexia, I will have to tell Marlee of this great honor, You are very special in her eyes as she has your painting hanging in her room, the one with the mermaid.
You have made your whole family so proud of you, even your online family.
Enjoy your party, you diserve it.....
Red please tell Alexis how proud we are of her. Have a great time at her party.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Please give Alexia a Big Hug for Me, and it's Great for Her to be Honored in such a Way!! I know I would be so Proud, My Chest would be Sticking out a Mile!!Smile

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