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Occupational Disease case settled in 2000 need medical treatment
I had an Occupational Disease claim in the state of Montana filed in 1999 and settled in 2002. This was on my lower back. I am having problems again and am thinking that I can not get additional medical treatment on this claim. Does anyone know how the law reads regarding this. It has been a long time since I reviewed the laws and I want to make sure I am right before seeking treatment.
I dont know hopefully someone will be along soon to help you out...welcome to the forum
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[I am not from Montana and can only tell you what I have learned from here and reading other workers comp laws. You said your case was settled. Was there a C&R or Section 32 settlement. Generally in those you are letting the IC buy out any future medical bills and are therefore responsible for them yourself. If medical was left open you need to contact the IC or go to your doctor to find out what it is neccessary to do. You may also want to contact a lawyer if you had one before.

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