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general type of question
they can have all the dry facts they want....but they cannot come into a room with me and my Doc without my ok...bottom line and thats a fact
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Before I hired an attorney I allowed the nurse case manage in the exam room until the case manager had a fight with the doctor (an argument is to kind of a word for what went on).

I sat on the exam table with the doctor on one side of me and the case manager on the other side of me. The words the NCM used, WOW!

The NCM did not agree with the treatment plan the doctor recommended.
I would never allow a company personel in the exam room unless I wanted to to get the individual fired. I would claim that they were looking at my ------- and then file a claim for sexual harasment.
8-05, Micro laminectomy/disectomy. 10-05 lumbar fusion L5-S1. 2-07 exploritory surgery. 12-07 medical implant, Spinal Cord Stimulator. now receiving SSDI. After going back to school, I received my degree as a mechanical engineer. What can I say, it was the only way I had to beat the system. 
Patients DO have rights and one of them is for PRIVACY!!!! So NO they would NOT be able to enter the exam room unless I had given the okay to do so. They can get all the information they want like others said after THEY make an appointment with the doctor to speak with them on their own time. The time I have with the doctor would be MY time and mine ONLY!!!

I do know that if the WC IC is paying the bill that they are entitled to the information provided from the appointments but was told that if it was my own insurance co. paying for it that they did not have the rights to even know how the appointment went. When I went to the doctors and they suggested a therapist that I would be paying with my own insurance they said that the WC IC would not have the rights to that information. It depends on who is paying the bill I was told.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%

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