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Is this legal?
Jayne, don't forget, I was an IW also besides being an adjuster so I do understand the paranoia of thinking you're being followed. 1171 is right. And usually unless someone is really a huge fraud, the surveillance is useless. Most times it gets dropped to the file and is never used. And many times, it proves the IW is really as injured as they say they are. Many adjusters never even look at the film. Just glance at the report and if there is nothing that really stands out, that's the end of it.
what got me is I really didnt make that much money.........less than 9 an hour and only was paid for 29 hours a week but worked 60.....so 31 hours of my week was volunteer.....I worked for the Savation army that goes all over the world to help out people and they tried to screw me over.....they were self insured...one thing I still give any extra I have to the Sal Army cuz I know every penny is used wisely....I know how hard they pinch pennies to get as much for their dollar as possiable......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

What Most Claimant Attorney's will Tell You is that Surveillance Tapes are Good for Insomnia, they Put them in and Watch them so that they can Fall Asleep, they are so Boring!! 1171 has Made a Very Valid Point, and in My Case since I Won the First Round and have the Courts Credibility, and My Dr. is the Credible Dr., the Burden for them to try and get Me Back to Work Falls on the Defense now, I have Proven My Case! That's why they sent Me for My 3rd IME Yesterday, and the PI's are around, because if they can't find New Evidence, they are not going to Stand a Chance in Court!! I think Disc Dude is Afraid, and the Whole Process is just getting to be Too Much for them. They Mentioned They went to a Totally Different Part of the Park where They had Never been Before, and saw the Man They Helped, that May be the Part of the Park that Person Uses, and never being there He never would have seen Him Before! I think Disc Dude needs Some Counseling to Clear Their Fear and Paranoia, and get it Under Control, and I Hope They look into it!!Wink
I thought I would share my expoeriences with being followed.

My claim is for bilateral knees, and the judge is expected in the near future to rule on adding the back and carpal tunnel to the claim.

A week before I had the knee replacement surgery a lady at Wal Mart tried to take my shopping cart from me. When shopping I place my cane in the cart and use the cart for support while walking. This lady used lots of force trying to take the cart from me and was very verbal in doing so. I was followed home from the store that day. Was it a PI, don't really know.

I've had a co-worker (manager) follow me, I would go thru the drive thru window at the bank and this person would wait for me in the parking lot and follow me.

This person also took a picture using her camera/phone while at Wal Mart, yes the phone was aimed at me.

I was injured 2005 and these are the only times I am aware of that I have been followed or watched.

When I shared this with my attorney he just told me, "Don't cut the grass"

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