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I was seen by a doctor on May 18 and he stated that I had to see Ortho Doc not to go back to work..In the mean while a RN from workmans comp went to Doctors office and somehow stated I should be at full work duties..During the month this was going on I called claim worker emailed her no response as I had NO clue this is why I wasnt recieveing checks or no Doctor was ordered..I was in PT at the time they even sent letters to WC stated there was No doctor ordered ...so i sat in pain no doctor no prescriptions no monies, for 4 long weeks,5 weeks went by and I recieved a voice mail from the Comp Worker the Rn had made a mistake and was taken off my case I called her back again no response this was in regaurds to when I would recieve a check and when they started checks it was at a rate of when I started work long ago and that I should be recieiving 134.00 more a week or full capcity also asking her to call me back as I still had not recieved a call on a ortho Doc who where and when to see? Nothing no answer,Now up to 6 long weeks in pain no doctor no meds no nothing. So I go to Lawyer on the 15 of june and here I set, Dont you think this is utter neglect on WC part wouldnt you think when it does hit the court the Judge would state that? Thats way down the road for that but I tell you I never seen anything like this in my life is it no wonder people get lawyers are depressed are sad to the state of where do you live when the landlord tosses you out, I have a great landlord but He has to make his payments as well. Is there any other finaicial help were allowed to recieve on WC when they do this or is this the way life is what other avenues is there does someone know, I applyed for section 8 housing but thats a list that you get on till they have openings anyone have answers? thank you
Welcome the Workers Comp world!! The only other financial aid you may find is your local church, welfare etc.. In most states the utility companies offer assistance for the sick and injured. I hate to say it, but if you think WC is unfair now, your just getting started. The ins. co willdelay everything they can for as long as they can. If I had known in the beginning how this system works, I never would have filed a claim, and I am one of the fortunate ones that settled only 1 year after injury!! Good luck.
workers comp does not prohibit financial aid just working for wages while requesting total disability.
some systems, some carriers, some states, some adjusters, some employers, some workers, some doctors perform better then others.

when you are involved with ones that don't you need to switch asap.
there are rules to help with that but it depends on your state. without knowing yours i can't provide more.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I live in Florida all I know is I was told if I found my own Doctor they would not pay me ...This all started with there Rn stating my Doctor who was there workmans comp Doctor said I was able to go to work, then 5 longs weeks later the RN there RN stated she made a mistake and I recieved a call stating she was taken off my case I have sat here with NO Doctor since May 18, Physical Therapy wanted to have me continue and cant because I have no workmans comp doctor to send paperwork to no prescriptions no doctor no PT no nothing Lawyer is working on it but the earliest she could get me in for the finicial part of it is October 13, I would of never went on it had I known all this so I surely understand there must be finacial help you can get if there not completely helping you anything you can help with would be great thank you so much

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