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I had dental surgery Friday as a first step to fixing my TMJ. The 3 physicians I saw thought that jaw surgery would be the best option, but because of my RSD, they ruled it out due to nerve involvement and it is a highly invasive surgery. So, when my mouth heals, I will get braces. This feels rather odd because of my age but it is supposed to pull my jaws forward to relieve the TMJ joint.

Now, this was a consequence of my injury, as I immediately started grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw the first night after my breakdown. I have gone thru 3 OTC mouth guards and now I can't put off treatment any longer because of the pain.

My claim was amended when the symptoms started (2 years ago) but was denied. I am having this treatment all done out of pocket as my insurance doesn't cover diddly squat on orthodontics.

Can I still fight this as a consequence of injury? I was not repped yet when I filed the amendment. Should I re-amend my claim, or just wait until settlement conference and let my attorney handle it?

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Let Go, and Let God......
give a copy of the bills to your atty so he can file for reimbursement.
make sure you have opinions from your dentist and surgeons that link the treatment to your injury.
you can either go to hearing now on that issue or wait for settlement. I suspect your atty will want to wait.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
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Let Go, and Let God......
I use the Dentek Comfort fit but only for a week or so at a time. When I let my TMJ get the best of me, I start wearing the guard at night, make sure to start drinking more water AND start taking an extra magnesium pill every day. That--along with stretching, jaw massage, lips-touching-teeth-not touching posture, and a low dose NSAID for 3-5 days usually alleviates my TMJ for a while.

Pay attention to your mouth, neck, and head posture throughout the day, especially if you use a computer for >1 hour per day. If you're grinding, it's muscle-related (tight neck/ shoulder/ jaw muscles, posture), hydration/ nutrition, or stress (exercise more, stop clenching).
If you have a copy of the bills, you can easily file for reimbursement.

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