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OK nurses
or anyone else that knows....what can I expect when I first see Bill after surgery....Lilly has said he will be swollen and have tubes and wires......when will this swelling go down......I know he isnt going to come out looking like he has been to a day spa,but I need to know what to prepare the kids for......I am a realist and the kids know I will not lie to them......but if this swealing and tubes is truly frightning...I would rather the kids wait to see him......so far what we have told the little kids is a video(cartoonish) on the web about the bypass....it was facts but no person was involved and that they wouldnt be able to see Daddy for at least 2 days soooooooooo Lilly you have been thru this what can I do to prepare the kids not only for the hospital but for when he comes home......keep in mind my little ones are 7,9,11 ....and how can we prepare the house to make things easier for him when he comes home....thanks all
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne just a thought.

Keep in mind where your children are emotionally, and I know you will.

I believe your little ones have been thru much in their life. I just saying their reactions may be "stronger" with this surgery when seeing their Daddy after surgery.
I believe so also thats why I want to know ahead of time.....I dont want to tell them 2 days and it should be 4 cuz as you know bummer they dont take I am sorry it is taking longer they just dont like that so I would rather err on the side of caution but I want them to see him as a week is a long time in their little lives.......if I say 4 days and they get to go in 3 thats ok but if I say 2 and its 3 then I lied to them and the fits start.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


You may want to discuss this issue with the Dr. that is going to be doing the surgery and see what he suggests. You could also tell the children that it could be 2 to 4 days before they can see him.. that it will all depend upon how fast their daddy is able to recover and feel well enough to have them in the room. And maybe in the interim wait, if Bill is up to it, have him give them a call at home and let them know that he is dooing okay, just not up to seeing them right away. That would give them some assurance that he is still with them. But that is JMO.

Will be saying extra prayers throughout Monday for Bill, as well as for your peace of mind while you have to just sit and wait.

Angel ^j^
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Jayne Dear, as Lilly I Believe gave You a Description, it's Pretty Accurate, My Father didn't Look like Himself at all for about 4 Days or so. Please Dear, He will Probably be Gray, with Tubes Everywhere, His Legs will be in Compression Stockings, and there will be Drain Tubes in His Chest. No Matter how Much We Explain to You, the Shock is going to be Strong, so Please Prepare Yourself. But Trust in the Lord as You and Bill do, and things will Turn Out Fine, I can feel it in My Heart! As far as Home, just Make Sure He has good Pathways when He Walks from Room to Room, He may be a Bit unsteady on His Feet for a Few Days, and just give Him All the Love and Support as You Will, and let Him know, Big Boys do Cry, and to get it Out if He has to. Since My Injury, if I don't set and have a Small Cry at Least Once a Week when I'm alone, I would Probably be in the Nut House by now!! Rest Up, when You Can, and Please Tell Bill the Lord has More Work for Him Here, so He won't be Leaving for Many Years!!!!Smile
Jayne- the children may not be able to go up to see Bill. Most hospitals don't allow children under 14 years old on the step down floor and will not allow them in ICU unit. If they allow the children up it will take a doctor to ok it. This is to keep down infection. The third or fourth day will be hard and it seem like a set back, but this is to be expected.

At home remove any throw rugs and anything that might block Bill's path. When Bill comes home he will need to watch his liquid intake for a while. Walk daily. Before he goes for a walk take a pain pill and carry his little pillow with him for the first weekor two.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
I agree with RNvic, Usually untill he is out of the CCU, and in another room, up on his feet and ambulating then that may be a good time to see the kids. And Bill may not feel like company except for you and maybe the adult children at first.

He will be given discharge instructions when he is able to come home, He may not have a very good appetite at first, and he may be placed on a Cardiac diet, So you may be learning to cook a whole new way......The American Heart Association has a very good cook book out, and very tasty recipes. You may want to check it out.

Bill will want to just relax and rest when coming home so don't be surprised if he needs his space and alone time. Everything will be ok, just listen to the Dr's.
Jayne I have a Uncle that has had that done. And like the rest have said he will look a bit rough. But really its like taking meds people do react differently. My Uncle didnt want the kids around nor the grand children he just wanted it quite so he could rest. My aunt put the bed in the living room cauase of the stairs so he would have the use of the bathroom too. But Jayne I wish you's well and our prayres go with you's. It wont be long and you will be scarring him with snakes again.......................LOL.... God Bless
Jayne, Also practice up your driving skills as Bill will not be driving for 6 to 8 weeks.
Hi jayne...the others have given you a good description of what to expect when you first see Bill after the surgery. From head to toe, expect the following:

1. Facial features will be exerated and swollen. His smile will be weak if there at all.
2. He may even have some blackness around his eyes, depending on the actually surgery and all that happens while it is happening.
3. He may experience some confusion during his conversation for the first couple of days, and especially just after the intubation is removed and he is breathing on his own. Expect slowness in his conversation. This will change with time to heal.
4. As stated, expect to have tubes which we have discussed draining from his chest. He will have a large bandage on his chest. He should be at a 45 degree elevation while in the bed to assist with breathing. Expect to see a breathing gadget at the bed side with a ball in it. He will be ask to breath into it off and one by the nurses through our his entire recovery. In the beginning about every 10-15 minutes or more. This gadget will help to keep his lungs open.
5. He should also have his own pillow that he will be holding continuously to apply some pressure against his chest during breathing etc. This will give him a lot of comfort and decrease his pain during breathing.
6. He will have a catheter in...to assist with draining of urine... this should come out with in the first 24 hours.
7. His legs will have a compression pump on them...to help blood circulation. He will have a bandage depending on where they took material for the graft.
8. His skin coloring for the first 24 hours at least will be a grayish color... he will not look like Bill due to his swelling and most likely some perspiration.
9. He will have an IV in his arm during his recovery which will be there if he needs blood during the process or recovery, or to assure that he stays hydrated with the correct amount of electrolyes...and as said above, do expect that he will not be eating much in the begginning. Most likely he will only be offered a clear liquid diet which will be things such as water, clear juices, lime jello etc. There is not much of a menu selection for a clear liquid. This will be upgraded to a full liquid which will give more choices for the first 24 to 48 hours. During this time, his ability to digest and move the food will be closely monitored.
10. Also expect that he will be hooked up to a heart machine which will be watching his heart beat, blood pressure, and so forth. The nurse will keep a close eye on this machine all night especially on his first night.
11. If you want to spend the night to be close to Bill...let them know immediately and do not except no for an answer. It is your right to be there. They should provide you with pillows and a place to rest...most likely no bed etc, but maybe a cot or something like that. We use to keep them in our supply for our families.
12. In terms of the kids, UA idea about a time frame is most likely the best way to go with the kids. They will be nervous about this. I would call them as soon as he comes out and let them know he is ok but healing then I would call them about every 4-6 hours to let them know he is ok, but they most likely should stay at home until he has had a couple of days to recover. This would be best for Bill as well. He will need time to heal and relax. This is an every day surgery, but it is a MAJOR surgery so he will need his time.
13. In terms of your home:

a. As stated above, remove any throw rugs from his pathways. Assure that he has a good pair of house shoes with solid soles on them. Walking is something he needs to do when he gets home because it will help to keep his air way open. Also encourage him to always use his pillar when he is walking and hold it tight to his chest.
b. Keep all the floors free of water or anything that could create a slippery situation, especially in the bathrooms.
c. Ask the doctor to order a shower chair for him to sit in to take his showers. Also it is nice and should be covered by your insurance for DME's...durable medical equipment to get him a hand held shower head.
d. Also expect him to need help on to and off of the toilet. If your insurance will cover this...ask for a grab bar to be placed next to the toilet or have a raiser put on it.
e. For his bed, give him a lot of pillows that will help him to keep his head elevated while he sleeps. Make sure he sleeps away from the side of the bed and more towards the middle.
f. During the day, provide a chair (recliner) that is easy to get into and easy to get out of. He will most likely need help with this for a few days.
g. if there is any place close to where you live that has an even solid level walking area, find it and take him to it at least once a day so that he can walk...the more he walks without over doing it, the least changes of any respiratory issues. My dad was walking about 2 miles within two weeks post his surgery. He is still walking every day.

jayne... del and I are here is you need us... love you lots... and give Bill lots of hugs for us ok... he will be ok. This is done everyday and lots of people have experienced it. While it is not fun, it is so good that we have the ability to recognize the issues before it is a real problem. my love is with you both Red

As I think of some other things I will send you the in formation...
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