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A Summer Story To Share
I would like to share a story about my niece and how she is helping other children with special needs this summer.

First, A little about my niece, Bree. I took my niece in my home 2 years ago. Bree lived in the rough area of Wichita known for gang activity. She is a very pretty young lady it was not a good environment for her so she came to live in my home.

Bree is now 16 yrs and has special needs, bipolar, ADHD, and learning disabilities. My niece is gifted in the area of art.

I coordinate/volunteer a summer program for kindergarten thru 2nd grade children with special needs. The children receive 3 hours of tutoring a week and on Friday the children attend the program for one hour, and Bree is the teacher.

Friday’s program is theme days, this week the theme was fish, the story was Rainbow Fish, and was followed by an art project, fishing game, and snack time.

Early in the week I help Bree organize the lesson plan, and she “practices” with the neighborhood children.

Bree does all the work on Friday, I set back, observe and sometimes offer suggestions.

My niece has gained much from this learning experience, and so have the children.

The United Way board I serve on has provided a small grant of $100.00 for supplies needed for the Friday program.
way cool Bummer,I remember when you first brought her into your home.....she has come a long ways...you are a great role model...tell her we are all proud of her....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Bless You both for the Work You do, and Your Niece should be Very Proud of Herself!!Smile
Thank you Still In Limbo & Jayne

When my niece first came to live with us she had very low self-esteem.

The first Friday she did the program she was very shy & nervous, it has been cool watching the confidence she has gained while working with the children.

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