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Lets Play a game....
It has come to my attention that many of you would be interested in playing another game. I would love to sponser the game with a 20X16 canvas painting in a frame give away..from me to who ever wins.

This game will follow the same rules as the ones sponsored by Jayne and Monster. Everyone who is resgistered on this board may play to win a 16X20 oil painting. The painting will be of whatever you would like (as long as I can do it). For instance, maybe the winner would like a picture painted that they saw on a post card or of a special place that they have a picture of, or maybe they would like me to paint a picture that describes waterfalls, lakes, snow mountains, chirstmas time, rippling rivers, light houses etc. Also, I can paint some flowers. This is a higher level technique that I am still working on. I can show a few examples from time to time if you would like.

So here goes. Everyone just pick a number from 1 - 50. Any number. Then at the end of the game, lets say 9 PM (our prayer time) EST on July 10, 2007. At that time, Monster will pick a number from 1 - 50. The person who is the closest to the number picked will win a painting of their description.

Monster has volunteered to keep track of the number for me. As a bonus .... Monster you picture that you want is on me...no arguing with a red haired freckled face shorty..hehehe..my gift to you.

Also, since I am going to paint the picture after we have a winner, it will take about 8 weeks for the oil to dry because it is a Bob Ross wet on wet technique and it takes forever. Therefore the painting will not be shipped for about 8 weeks following the contest. What I can do is complete the painting..take a picture and post the picture for everyone to see.

Ok...any questions...lets play... Monster drum roll please...hehehe..
Carol (red)
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Oh Carol what a wonderfull person you are, I would love to have one of your paintings. I like waterfulls and tropical sceins ocean and palm trees.

I will stick with my old # 13

Oh..Tuffy, I have a great picture which is simple yet nice with palm trees lining an ocean scene. Thanks for playing. Carol (red)
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
red i would love to pick 11 i like snow on the mountians
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Number 5 for me please. Thank you doing such a wonderful game!!!!
Always love your cubs unconditionally...they are a gift from God and someday they'll pick your nursing home!!

Hey all..here is another picture..I am going to post a few of me painting so that you can see some various kinds. Carol
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Number 33 for me, what a fun game!
29 for me please I had alot of fun the year I was 29 so much in fact I stayed 29 for about 15 years
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


I will pick 26 as my number, my youngest son's age who is having some problems right now. I am from South Louisiana and I love the Magnolia flower. Thanks for your kindness and the game. Take care and God Bless!

Cajun Hugssssss,
Lumbar Laminectomy L5 - S1, Lumbar Disectomy L 4 -5, Cervical Microdisectomy C-4 -5, Cervical Anterior Fusion C 4 -5, Cervical Anterior Fusion C 5 - 6, Lumbar Disectomy, Laminectomy and Foraminotmy L 3 - 4, Cryo Surgery Lumbar. --Ongoing Problems.. Permanently Totally Disabled.
Here is Alexia painting one of my favorites. It is called Winter Lights. She did a great job on this one. She and her school friends. Hope you enjoy it. Everyone have fun. I know that I am...hehelol.

Carol (red)
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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