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PT says done.
Well some of you's that follow my post here's the continue of Battle with ncm. Went to pt tues and he told me no more tissue work just going to focus on strengthing hte hip/back/leg. I asked what about the scar tissue and he said he cant do any more to help me...............
I think NCM has got to friendly with him since other drs have said to continue with pt. PM gave me script for pain patches to put over scar area's, have not seen any real relief from them yet, but will continue to see. I go for another mri to day and this one is for my spine hopefully it shows somthing so they can try to fix my pain. I cant even stand for 10 min without it jabbing my back. But now if I walk slow it dont bother me as much but then my leg and hip starts hurting and start to limp. While working I get in and out enough to keep from getting stiff but dont have to stand usually.

I recieved a phone call from another atourney yesterday about my Heparin, I have to make a decision soon 2 years is not to far away. But he's from New Jersey and is the only one that shows like he has a pair. Excuse me ladies, but you know what I mean............Bronco...

PS.... What do you's think about NCM maybe pushing her powers.?
Hi Bronco!! As far as Your NCM and the Dr., it's Hard to Tell what May be going on there, but I do know, From My Own Experiences with Scar Tissue, Once it Matures and Adheres to any Area, there isn't Much Continued PT will do for You. A Surgical Procedure May be Available to try and Remove the Scar Tissue, but as I was Cautioned, it Usually Grows Back Denser than the Original Scar Tissue. Remember, I am Totally Disabled from that Dam* Scar Tissue, Mine is Deep in My Lower Back, In My Spine and Attached to My S1 Nerve on My Right Side, which is Crushed, and will be for Life Unless Something New Comes out to Help Me. So Surgery for Me is Out of the Question, and I've been to a Total of 9 or 10 both Neuro. and Ortho. Surgeons, the Last One being the Re-Surgery Specialist for the Pittsburgh Steelers. My Opinion Only, stay in Very Close Contact with Your Attorney,and keep them Informed on the Movements of Your NCM, and this Dr., so they can be Better Prepared!! Best of Luck, and Have a Great Day!!Wink

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