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Oh Admin I was really hopeful that it was true. DARN it's a good story......LOL
Still in Limbo Wrote:UA, Here in Pa., We have to Sign a "Contingency Agreement" with Our Attorneys, and the Hearings Judge has to have a File on Copy, and Mine Clearly States that if We Lose, I Pay no Expenses at All. Do You have to have that Agreement in Your State? I know Some Attorneys will Charge as they Go, and Charge Expenses as they Incur them, but if Your Agreement States that You don't have to Pay, such as Mine, You May be able to Rid Yourself of those Expenses. Now when My Attorney Won the Very First Dime for Me, He gets 20% of My Pay Weekly, as His Fee, and 20% of any Lump Sum Settlements, or any Penalty Monies. I Just thought I would bring that to Your Attention, as I'm not Sure how things are Handled State to State! Best of Luck, and Have a Safe Trip!!Wink


Yes, I had to sign a contingency agreement. She is to get 25% of each check that is issued to me. I just got home tonight from East Texas... long tiring trip, but had an absolute blast .. and my first check was waiting. I got just over 1400 for the weeks from April 17 to June 11th. That is minus her 25%. I have 16 weeks left and she only gets $60 and some odd cents from each check. She is gonna be one pissed off attorney when she ends up eating almost 3700 grand in bills ( I also got 2 more approved fee schedules from the state of TX along with my check... and she still hasn't sent anything in since the 17th of April to todays date). She can't charge me seperately from what the court says she is entitled to. I am still waiting to hear on my 2000 in travel pay....which she can't get a dime of either. So it looks like I will get to keep a little more of my money than I thought I would be able to.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open

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