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wonderful weekend
we went Thursday to cedar lake camp the weather was beautiful,altho the camp ground was full it was nice...we came home went to go to the barn to gather eggs and Bill hears a hissing noise of course he yells JAYYYYYYYNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE so I come he says hear that hissing noise I said yes sounds like someone is ticking off a sitting goose...(she is sitting on 8 eggs)Bill goes into barn comes right back out (white as a sheet)and says there is a huge snake in there I am calling the Wagners(these kids love snakes and are always catching them for pets) I figure my idea and Bills idea of huge when it comes to snakes are 2 different ideas.........so I go into barn where the goose and her nest mate(the 2 geese take turns sitting on the nest)are hissing at this hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee freaking snake he is in the process of trying to swallow a goose egg.....I stand there watching till Seth shows up to catch this thing....He looks at me and says thats one big snake (yep it is) How are we(he said we) gonna capture it? I said I am open to ideas can we do it before he ruins the whole darn nest?You gotta empty feed sack (he asks) yep I do I go over to the feed barrel and empty a 50 lb sack of corn into the barrel and come to him with the sack.......this kids says...ok while his jaws are unhinged to swallow the egg I am gonna grab him real fast you hold open the sack once he is in close the sack fast....My big brave husband is about 50 feet outside the barn watching......Seth goes to get the snake and the darn geese go to snapping at him....so I get to remove those pinching pissed off geese I got the first one fast enough but the 2nd gets me a good one...My big brave honey is still a good 50 feet away while his darn geese are pinching me............Seth reaches down fast as he can grabs the snake right behind his head and jerks him up...this thing is a good 7 feet long and as big around as my arm.....I tell Seth take him out so Bill can see you put it in the bag or he wont go back in the barn ever....this bad boy is huge Seth puts it in the bag and takes his new pet home......Bill goes to the farm supply and buys snake cristals he never wants another one in the barn...so you all do anything exciting this weekend?
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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