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forced to do surgical procedure
Remember then that there is a world of difference between an orthopedic surgeon with sub-speciality training in lower extremity and a podiatric (foot and ankle ) surgeon.

You GET what THEY paid for.

intellec Wrote:i have severe muscle atrophy in injured leg,tendons which will be used in transfer may not be suitable for use. i have to be assed by foot & ankle doctor. i have viewed some links like web md, & emedicine, for some information. but i think i will wind up doing whatever is recommended. thanks again for replies
I agree with cycler . Part of my injury is injury to two tendons in my ankle and foot. I saw my Podiatrist and he immediately wanted to do surgery for tarsat tunnel which the ourcome is that I don't have. I then got a second opinion from and Ortho whose speciality is feet and ankles. Not surgery and my ankle is doing pretty good. Who are you supposed to be evaluated by? A podiatrist or an Ortho who specializes in feet and ankle. Big difference.

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