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Dallas, I hope you haven't left the forums...
Dallas, I hope you haven't left the forums. You haven't been around for a while and your last two posts seem to indicate your goodbye's...and hints of why. http://www.workerscompensationinfo.com/f...hp?tid=708 If you somehow feel that you're betraying your profession, please don't. You're actually lending it dignity--while helping truly injured workers who really need it. You are one of the greatest assets here and will surely be missed if you never come back.

Wink, I am worried about Dallas also. I have left a couple of PM's for her that have not been read or answered. She sent me her phone number one day. I think I am going to give her a call and just make sure she is ok. Hopefully she is just on vacation. Will post back what I have found out.

they are having alot of rain there also ....thanks Deb for checking on her
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I called but she is not in the office today. I'm hoping that she is just on vacation. I will continue to call and see if I can eventually get her.

I haven't seen Red around these past few days either. I hope she is feeling better. Maybe these ladies are just having a nice extended holiday. Sure hope that is what it is.


Hi all.....I agree that Dallas is a true benefit to the IW and hope she is on vacation. Maybe with Red.Wink

I truly hope Dallas comes back soon, She sure is a very important part of this forum. I can understand Her frustration sometimes with us, we are not always the happiest People in the World to deal with, especially if we are hurting or just received Bad News! But we do need her help and support, and I for one hope She returns soon!!!Wink
Dallas is an asset to what she does here and what she does on her job. If only there were more like her. She is always so friendly and supportive to me. She is very knowledgable and gives the information in a non threatning manner with an intent to help someone. I hope she has not left. I have not been here a lot so I didn't notice that she is missing. Deb let us know what you find out. Loads of love.. Carol (red)
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Carol, I am glad to see that you are back and doing well. I was just as worried about you as I have been Dallas. I am glad to know that you have just been busy with Alexia and painting those pretty pictures.

Just to let you all know I heard from Dallas today and she is fine. Since I am from Dallas also, I am just going to have to take her to lunch one of these days. That would be fun.

Hope all has a great day and as painfree as possible,
Dang 2nd try lost the last one I was trying to respond to this

You all are so sweet and I appreciate your concern. I will never be able to catch up on all the new post. But I want you to know I just have been really busy with work---the rain the house and OK fessing up--I met a guy from another insurance company- a bit ago and thank God he is not in WC. Anyway we went out of town for a couple of days-I know TMI. Princess- I hope you are well with your dates!
I never feel like I am betraying my industry as I have been doing this way to long and know the circles of the system. I do hate that companies have failed to train adjusters properly- that really hurts you and the rest of the system- it is costly and it also is time consuming. It upsets me that some of you have really gotten the suck end of the system. I just want you to know that not all are treated that way. And that it is because of the jerks that made crap happen in the history of the WC-which has caused some of you grief. You all do need to realize this -the percentage of those treated badly are minimal- compared to the majority this site would be tons fold just think if all the badly treated WC people were here- or experianced WC injured workers came here dang they would need more bandwith. But the truth is statistics are about less than 90% or higher are counted as being mis treated and the percent of BS-ers are higher.

I hope that I am helpful I do know that if you have seen or heard from bethsha- she is doing great and I know she has appreciated that I suggested a great Dr. for her and she has had the surgery and treatment she was in need of. That is truly a reward for me to know that I was trusted. Deb is awesome she is going thru crap and I will also help her anyway I can. And we will have lunch----------Red I would still go on vacation with you but glad you clarified we are woman and like men LOL
Still- Cap- Wink- jayne- thank you all-----yikes I just had a dejavue of romper room.

I am here just try to get rid of me! I will try as much as I can to help any and all of you!

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

good to have you back
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing

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