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question on how long it takes for an answer back?
Thanks for the Reply, and I Wish You the Best!!Wink
I too have to offer my wish of luck to you in the unemployment. I didn't realize you were only able to work part time with restrictions. Most states require that you look for work at a job that you are able to do, and so many jobs per week to be eligible for UE. There aren't many jobs available in my area for part time. And if I were to apply somewhere I know I would never have a chance of being hired due to my restrictions, UE wouldn't count those as actual applications, as I am not able to do the job as required.

I hope that the economy is better in NY and there are lots of part time jobs available, as that is what you will have to apply for. UE won't allow it as a job application if you apply for fulltime work, knowing you can only work part time. And most states UE agencies don't agree that you are able to work, if you can only work part time, with a lot of restrictions.

Angel ^j^
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