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question on how long it takes for an answer back?
i have a quick question i have recived my rebutal from my lawyer to the ins comps appeal. now that the comp board has everything how long will it take for a ruling from the board so my payments will start again ?
it depends on the state. without knowing yours your question can't be answered.
after 152 posts you should put your location in your profile.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
im in ny sorry
Blake please (Edit) your (profile) here so others don't need to keep asking you the State your in.

Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
ok done sorry about that
To Answer Your Question, it Depends on the Case Load of the Hearings Judge, or the Appeals Board, so an Answer would be almost Impossible. I have had Decisions in 60 Days, and Some took 6 Months!Wink
oh great so i wait again forever bad enough i havent recieved any money since feb 27th this is really getting hard. oh well guess there isnt much else i can do. my unemployment hearing is coming up i got some drs reports so i should have no prob winning that and that will hold us till that day of wc
Hurry up and wait thats the WC way
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Blake, I don't want to get into a Great Debate Here, but if You are Approved for Unemployment, then You are Agreeing that You are Ready and Able to Work, therefor not Eligible for Workers Compensation. Unless You are Fighting for Back Monies Owed You by w/c. Are You Medically Available for Full Time Work?
not full time light duty with many restrictions my lawyer said to apply for unemployment

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