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What medical information is required to be sharred?
PMA who is paying the w/c claim has withheld my ime report. They have refused to pay my treating doctor and haven't changed the diagonsis from a wrist contusion to nerve damage running from my wrist up to my neck. The laywer who wants 20% will only represent me if the checks stop so he can colect his fee's. He will not file against PMA to force them to accept the diagonsis of my treating dr. so I can return to therapy. His answer was that I would have to pay 4000. to get the case heard.

I have been out of therapy since 5-7-09 because the bill was 8500.00 and PMA only will apy 4000. I live in PA. Has anyone out there had a similar experience? Please help. Any advice or direction will be appreciated. Thank you.
well I am not sure of what you are asking...suggest you PM Timothy Belt a member of our forum and a Pa.lawyer
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I'm from Pa.also, and I'm Very Confused on what PMA Means, could You Please Explain that Abbreviation?Wink
Still in Limbo Wrote:I'm from Pa.also, and I'm Very Confused on what PMA Means, could You Please Explain that Abbreviation?Wink

PMA is the IC.
Thanks Mr. Belt, that One was Confusing Me!Wink

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