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Hand Surgeon
Guess the stress got me yesterday; the post above is a little confusing.

The hand surgery is scheduled for June 9th.

On the 24th I see the surgeon on the knee, I will be 1 yr post op on the replacement and I do expect to be placed at MMI.

From my understanding the TTD checks will stop at that time, am I correct on this?

We are still waiting the judge's decision on including the back, right hand, and additional treatment for the right knee.

My attorney feels positive the judge's decision will be in my favor as both IME reports were mostly in my favor. The 2nd IME doctor wrote a letter to the judge listing the use of the cane in the right hand contributed to the cause of the carpal tunnel.

A question?
Do the TTD checks start up again when the judge's decision comes in?
Bummer this is a catch 22.....it depends on the adjuster I believe.....when I was put at MMI by their IME Doc TTD stoped even tho my treating Doc had not put me at MMI...I never got another dime till settlement almost 8 months later course My adjuster was a kissing cousin to the Devil
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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