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boss screwing me around
I got hurt at work almost a month ago I was picking up a log to place in the back of a truck when something ripped in my shoulder. I thought maybe it was a sprain so I continued working for the next 3 and a half working days, by then it was just getting worse. I called the boss told him what happened he came and got me dropped me off at my truck told me to go to urgent care and no matter what dont tell them that it happened at work and he would take care of it no matter what. Long story short they need to do a mri he wont pay for that, said he was gonna deny my comp claim. I have been off work for last week, I went to the doctor again to get a note of my work restrictions called told him my restrictions he said he would have to talk with his attorneys to see if it would be o.k. that was last week, just got a letter from my boss saying that work has been and is available to me. This is only some of the things that he has been doing I have had to hire a attorney but they cant really do much until claim has been denied I dont know what to do I have been available for work
yup. the problems started when you didn't tell the truth at the doctor's office. Once you take that step the whole cliam becomes suspect from there on out. Most likely will take litigation to get benefits.
if the employer is without mandatory coverage there can be a fine and even close the business.
now that you have an atty follow their advice.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Rofl Close the business more of a slap on hands with a tiny fine

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