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Too Long or The Normal Time
I injured my back in Nov 08 I did not receive an MRI for diagnosis until Jan 23 2009 nearly 2 months later even though one was ordered by my employers occupational health care provider only 3 days after my accident.

I started physical therapy after about 7 days from my injury

I had an appointment to see the " orthopedic specialist " Around Feb 12, 09

I received first attempt of my first epidural injection Feb 27, 2009 I'll discuss the results in a later post.

I received " second " `Mar 25, 09

I received " third " April 1, 09

I received " fourth " May 21, 009

None have helped, physical therapy has been stopped even though I had relief from traction

I have consultation on June 9 with ortho surgeon to discuss surgery.

I've been told that if I did absolutely nothing the bulged disc part may heal on its own in a year. I think I'll be there before they fix it anyway and I'll have to have endured all of the pain anyhow.

I live in New Jersey
What are you asking if the time is normal on? I hurt my back in Nov 2005. I've had around 6 rounds of shots in my back, RF three times, PT three differant times, nerve blocks, 3 MRI's, 1 CT, EMG and a spinal cord stimulator implant. Getting ready to start some more shots or RF tomorrow nit sure which the PM is going to try next. It sounds like you maybe like alot of others and going to have a longer battle then you have had.
I'm not sure just what part of your back is injured but I would recommend a Neurosurgeon over a Ortho any day. No doubt more training over the other. At least go to a Neuro for a second opinion.
For what it is worth I went through injections, PT, Massage, and Chiro for almost 2 years before my surgery. I was injured in May of 2005 and had my 1st surgery in March of 2007 (ACDF C5-7), another surgery followed in March of this year
Surgery is always the last option and should be

Good luck to you and Be Well
Take Care and Be Well
Thanks Manley 2 and TPM
I am asking how long others have had to wait before comp got them the treatments and evaluations needed to address their injuries.
I'm 6 months in to my injury and even though this seems like a short period of time I've had an MRI and 4 months of physical therapy including traction and 3 epidurals.
I've seen more investigators following me than I have Drs trying to actually heal me.
I guess I expect everyone to live by my motto: Sh@# or get off the pot.

I prefer to not have surgery and if I do I'm requesting a neurosurgeon that doesn't mean I'll get one since its comps decision not mine.
The only reason I am discussing surgery right now is because all of the DRs have said if the epidurals did not work that is my next step.
some on here have been waiting years to get help....some of us had to wait so long it caused more injuries (domino effect) 95% of WC is handled right and fast....its when you have injuries that are not blood and gore and bones poking thru the skin that they seem to take so long to get us help...if you have had all that in 6 months you are getting help fast....I waited a year to get help
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

"if you cant feed em .......dont breed em......"

So true.... I like that Jayne Smile
Take Care and Be Well
WOW one can only wish that their case would go so quickly. I have been fighting a denied case for 15 months and just found out yesterday that I am going to get my IIB's (settlement in the state of TX) as soon as my attorney can mail me the settlement. I don't know what the amount is, but will last 24 whoppin weeks, minus attorney fees. Don't know if they are going to give me my travel pay or pay the ER bill I acquired last March. And all I have had is diagnosic testing and an IR exam. How can one get better when they have received no treatment??

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
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They seem to be Moving Pretty Well on Your Case, the Only thing I would Question is the Fourth Series of ESI Shots, I was always told only 3 Sets Per Year! My Best, and I Hope You can Avoid Surgery, and Always get a Second Opinion on Back Surgery, One from an Ortho. and One from a Neuro. Surgeon! Good Luck!!Wink
Limbo I have always thought no more then 3 epidurals in a year also but found this... Last page at #7

Cervical Epidurals
Take Care and Be Well
That is Cervical injections. Those may be different. My husband was also only allowed to have 3 injections in his back per year. He swears by them. They helped him so much from walking like a old man with a walker to being able to walk again and cut wood on the land like nothing ever happened to him.

I had one cervical injection in my neck. I had one and cancelled the others because it did nothing for me. I did read somewhere that there was numerous injections of an arthritis medication ( cannot think of the med. without getting up to get paperwork), but my back hurt like heck for two days and it did nothing for my pain in my hand, and I fear the pain I had in my back where they injected me between my scapula each time I think of it.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%

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