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ssdi dr apt
UA, I had my copies, brought them with, and they just copied them all. There was no cost...
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I thought I would mention one more thing.

The Intake worker at the SSA office would only accept my original medical records.

Don't know if it is policy or was just the worker I had.
I took zero records....but i applied by mail with the SSD form. I had previously signed several documents that allowed them access to all my medial records. I was approved first time around....but then again I had several of the automatic approval listed illnesses besides my injury. I never had to see one of their doctors thankfully.
They could obtain my extensive records ( that would fill a library) electronically.

Make sure, ALL your treating MD's know you are applying, so they can help you in the approval process. Because they can/do help immensley!!
Good Luck, LillySmile
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

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Bad Boy Bad Boy Wrote:UA, I had my copies, brought them with, and they just copied them all. There was no cost...

bad Boy,

I am using an attorney that was reccomended by my long term disability company. All of my retainer papers / authorizations are in the mail as we speak. There is no way that I could have mailed the amount of records that I have in my possession, without it costing me an arm, leg and half a torso. And I just can't afford that at this time Big Grin .

I'm not in a big hurry like many to get SSDI/SSI as I have a monthly income from my LTD. Though it isn't a great amount, it will keep me afloat till I am approved. I just need some kind of medical help at this point in time, as I have no insurance and can't afford my cobra. If I can get SSDI/SSI I would automatically qualify for medicaid, till I am eligible for medicare.

Everyone tells me to apply for help with my meds. I have contacted 4 different companies (as well as the manufacturers of each medication) and been turned down by all. So that isn't even in the radar at this point. And our local health clinic says to come in and take a number, they might see me on any given day. I can't sit all day and hope to be seen.. my pain levels only allow me to sit, stand and lay for so long each day. And they won't cover the opiate drugs I need.

My only chance of being able to lead a normal (even if semi) is to get on medicaid/medicare.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
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blake Wrote:so ssdi called me friday and said they have set up an apt with their dr.can anyone tell me how long it takes after i go it will take to get an answer on my approval? i guess they havent denied me yet?


I just got approval from ssdi a few days ago backdated from March 2006(when I stopped working).
The local ssi office never sent me for medical exam only for psych evaluation..they denied my claim in record time(two weeks after that). Their psych doctor recommended ssdi, they still denied.
I appealed, this time no medical exam, denial in a month. I appealed again, this time with lawyer, waited for Alj hearing for more than a year, when my case was transfered to Texas.
One month later, I got approved without any hearing based on my medical history on both hands.

Regarding the medical records..I applied online, local office called me for some info, I gave them all my medical records in person. They told me they couldn't use them as they needed original copies.

Good luck.

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