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w/c cut me off
I had reinjured my back and neck in 2007 have been off work since april2008 had cervical fusion june 2008 without much of fight from WC but we have been trying for about 6 months to get discogram of lumbar and they decided in march to send me for IME. IME doc said I was faking and that my cervical fusion shouls of never been done that none was work related so as of April my WC cut me off. I have lawyer but feel like I am getting run around he said he was filing somthing to go to court and get them to start paying again as well as getting my test done. Is there some place I can go to see if he has filed against my WC for my benifits. Thanks in Illinois
I'm from Illinois as well. Work cut my pay back in April 07 starting the fight. In July they said this was not WC but didn't send me to an IME until Aug. Put me off work on disablity in Jan 08 and have been off ever since. Filed for an emergency hearing for wage lose in Feb 08 and didn't get a hearing til Nov 08. Got a ruling in Feb of this year all in my favor but company appealed. Still waiting and my lawyer says he think it will be another 9 months on the appeal. The IME doc also said nothing was wrong with me but the hearing office didn't believe a word he said after they read all the reports from my doctors. Funny thing was you could tell he was lying even more after his depo. As for is the a place you can see what he has done I'm sorry but I don't know. My story is just to show you it can take along time to get anything done with WC. Hope somebody can give you a better answer on your question but hang in there.
I'm not sure what or how much information this site gives you since I don't have my own claim to enter but try this link: http://www.iwcc.il.gov/caseinfo.htm
I'm from Illinois also. It be nice to know what part of ILLINOIS your from, for work comp is in Districts in this State. But, as you stated, the IME made a statement. I'm very sure when you first became injured, that you filed a injury report with your employer. Since you did, that is mostly your case here. No one can say it is truely work related or not, for they weren't there to see it take place. So, a injury report, makes your injury become noticeable. Your treating doctor's reports most likely say your injury is work related.

I'm very sure your Attorney is working for you here. It's only because we as injured workers can't see what our Attorney's are doing, makes us wonder is all. Your Attorney most likely filed a 19-B for a hearing. Make your attorney feel like your best friend, and you will get all the information you want. It's all in how you treat them, that they treat you back.
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