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You guys make me smile
Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that I came to this site looking for information, as this wc stuff is new to us. My husband was hurt a month ago and will have to have surgery. We hope to get approval
today or tomorrow. His condition does not even compare to some here, for now! The last several days the pain has gotten worse and although he tries to hide it, I know it's bad. So yesterday I decided to educate myself on wc, Googled the site and spent most of the day
learning all I could. I clicked on this forum and got more information here than anywhere else on the site. You guys made me smile with some of your funny stuff, and that is medicine I needed.
Y'all are really one big family here and so supportive of each other, was nice to see that for a change. Anyway hope you don't mind that
I posted here, just wanted all of you to know how much it helped me
and brightened my day!
Thanks Cool
Hi Hun and Welcome. That was the first thing that attracted me to this site. I was afraid and didn't know anything about the WC system. I found this site and found a family along with it. You will gain a great deal of wisdom from those who have been in the same boat as you now find yourselves. Just ask away and someone will come along with an answer in one part or the other of the site. Again welcome and I hope you enjoy being here with us. I will pray for you and hubby.........Backache
hello pirate 50, yes this is a hell of a site and helps me all the time.we have all become good friends here and always welcome new members, so welcome to our site good luck to your husband.Halftrak(JENN)
no matter where you're at there you are
hello im sweet tooth and i too enjoy all the family i have on here we have a prayer time on here its 9:pm (time zones dont matter) so feel free to ask to be added or any problums or pains we all stick together and bear each others trials so welcome to our happy family join in and enjoy
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
hey welcome to our family....its a bit of a mess but we like it...welcome and come back often
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

You Found a Great Group of Folks, that I am Very Proud to Call Friends and Family!! Welcome, and Come Back Often, if just to Vent, or to Ask a Question, or throw a Joke Out!!!Smile
hi prirate50....welcome to this forum and to this online family. You remind me of how I felt when I first arrived. I was doing the same thing as you. My husband was injured on the job and I wanted to learn as much as I could about W/C. We didn't have this "off topic" section then, but it came a long shortly thereafter. I believe we all began to realize that such as yourself, people have more needs than just to have information about a system. They need to have a reason to get up in the morning and smile. For me, this "off topic" group of people made that happen. You said you started reading yesterday. I read for about 3 months before Bad Boy introduced me. He took me under his wing and helped me through my shyness in the beginning. We will all take you under our wing and help you learn whos who, share anything we know from information and sites to obtain information, life experiences etc... Please continue to join in. This is the absolute best group of people that I have ever met and most of us or at least several of us, have met, stayed at each other homes, and just had a very good time. I have met a lot of our family and a few have stayed in my home. They are my family and my friends. This family is a family that I have chosen. That is how special they are as people. They are the best. Join in, have fun with us, learn with us, and mostly laugh with us. Within time, you will find an understanding of the spirit of this group. They are just absolutely the best.... today will alwys be a very special day for you. It always is when you find the best friends you could ever find, and they will be long life friends .... love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Welcome Pirate50, we are very glad to have you, and any new person come on board.

Hey, you think we are funny, just wait till my dog farts... ROTFLMAO

Plus, this area of the board was set-up by ADMIN, so we could shut the Bull so to speak.

Join in on our TRIVA game too if you like. If you answer correct, then you get to ask the next question. Really doesn't have to a TRIVA question. Take a lQQk around, and I'm sure we will enjoy you also.
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hi and welcome to the forum. this is the best bunch of folks i have met online, always willing to share their knowledge and experiences. i think you'll like it here. Smile buildergirl/renee
welcome pirate50, I too just started out asking a question and now I'm hooked. Not a day goes by that I don't log-in and see who has good news and who has bad news. It's a great support group here and I really think I get more info here than from my atty or anywhere else. Once again welcome and don't be a stranger.

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