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medical question?
The Doctor I have been seeing wants me to have facet injections done. I have done everything they have asked of me. I have been to PT at four different places, had trigger point massage, had Trigger Point injections in my back, also had an epidural injection in my back. They have prescribed and I have taken all kinds of different meds. I am tired of them shooting needles into my back; it hurts and there have been no positive results anyway. I feel they are just grasping at straws and the doctor has said as much. Does anyone know what will happen if I turn down facet injection treatment? I am in NM.
I haven't had the injections but had the ESI in the facet joints.

It's one of the best things I've done for my back. The day after the injection I went shopping at the mall for the first time in 2 years.
Bummer Knees Wrote:I haven't had the injections but had the ESI in the facet joints.

It's one of the best things I've done for my back. The day after the injection I went shopping at the mall for the first time in 2 years.

Do you mind if I ask, what is wrong with your back?
if there are no further treament options available you will be declared at Maximum Medical Improvement. TTD will stop and a permanent impairment level will be determined. some additional disability payments will be made depending on the level of impairment and disability.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I had facet injections and had much relief for about a week. From their I was given a RFA in the same facet joints and had major relief for 6 months.
What type of Dr are you seeing and making the reccomendations?

Have you requested or been referred to a pain mgmt specialist? They should be abe to explain all options and should be able to answer why they think facet injections should work for you specificially given that other options have not worked.

If the reccomendation is strictly pain mgmt not recovery or functional improvement based the option is yours and should not been seen as you refusing treatment; which would impact your case. ( you could ask that question as well)

One of the options presented to us was a spinal cord stimulator, it was for pain control only and would not have impacted recovery or functional improvement. After some research and thought he chose not to do it, and it has not had an impact on his case. Had the reccomendation been a treatment that would have effected functional improvement I doubt it would have been viewed the same.

This is in AZ but I would guess ( this is just my own opinion not supported by specific facts) it is a generalization in the difference between active treatment of injury vs mgmt of symptoms not affecting progress.
I have had so many injections of different types that I feel like a guinea pig. When I went to pm for my hand/arm pain the doctor felt it was a cervical problem and did facet joint injections. I had 3 facet joint injections that did nothing for me. That is because I have now been diagnosed with RSD maybe and these injections may not be for me. Others may get good relief. I also went Tuesday for a cervical steroid injection and heard it will take 4 days or more before I feel any difference. I have not felt any better as of yet. I am going for a second one on the 19th.

My point being. I do not feel that these injections will help, but willing to do anything to help get rid of this pain and to rule out anything that may be causing it. If it is a simple injection I can handle it. I had some bad experiences of the rods being put in my neck and the wrong incerts did not fit that they had to redo the whole thing. That was the radio frequencey injection. Talk about pain. It was very unpleasant. I have had alot of prodding and probing and will continue to do so till I can find out what will give me relief. I say at least give it a try as this might be the injection that may help you. Talk with your doctor and find out what they feel this could do for you.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
I agree with Sparkey
I have had the facet joint injections because of my neck issues and have found these injections if they do work will only give temporary relief. I had 2 OK days after my injections on my right side and no relief at all on my left when that was done a few weeks later
Good luck to you and Be well
Take Care and Be Well
Facet joints are used as a diagnostic tool to identify a pain generator. If temp relief then the treatment is actually an RFA which is simply killing off the nerve to the joint capsule that was the positive facet injection. What you are seeing though is that very few of the Drs that do ESI's and facet injections know how to do RFA's or willing to spend the money to buy the equipment so they jsut stick with the facet injections every few weeks or so.

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