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Does anyone else use regional words?
yes back ache my kids all always telling me there is no r in warsh its wash......city slickers
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

AQA That is even more red neck than my town is....They would leave the wedding gowns out. LOL
Where I come from while growing up it was always, breakfast, lunch and supper. Now that I am older for some reason people relate to meals as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Strange but true. Also regarding soda pop, we refer to it as a cold drink.

I always used the term Y'all but it seems I have been spelling it wrong for years. I did not realize that until you pointed the spelling out on another thread. It also looks right the way you spell it instead of the way I spell it. My mission is to start typing that word the way it actually should be spelt......Y'ALL!

Take care everyone and God Bless.

Cajun Hugssssssssssssss,
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Is that pronounced U all or ya all or just yall? I really want to know.

It's y'all .. just as it looks. A contraction of you and all. That is why the appostrophe comes after the y and not after ya. Take the y sound from you and put it in front of all, it is one syllable, not 2 as many try to make it. Sounds best when you have an actual Southern accent to go with it. Which I am slowly but surely acquiring.

I belong to a forum called USADeepSouth.. a writer's forum. There are several teachers on the forum and man oh man, y'all don't want to come in posting ya'll. The english lessons start pouring out. It's kinda funny in a way.


I know several teachers that will be happy to know that you are now spelling y'all correctly ~LOL~.

Angel ^j^
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What about Bostons famous "wicked pissa"
This is such a fun thread, made me think about my own upbringing. My mother is Pa.Dutch and just like the Almish which we grew up near, had her own way of saying things. Such as " Outen the light" instead of turn off the light. Same thing with "Outen that cigarette". We didn't do laundry, we "warshed clothes". I also remember visiting one of the local farms and was told to "throw the cow over the fence some hay", lol.

I use the term soda pop, and have always said y'all for as long as I remember. I spent time down south in Va,north & south Carolina and guess that is where I got my southern accent from. My daughter jokes that she lost most of her accent and "odd" sayings until I moved here to Ca, and now that she hears them from me regularly has picked some up again. Y'all come back now, ya hear. She has also said that she notices that I say "you now" a lot, but I did'nt even realize that until she mentioned it. I also say "lordy be" a lot, but am not sure when that started.


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