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Exploratory hand surgery
Hi, I had a dequervain's tenosynovitus release back in January. My thumb and part of my hand is numb.Tomorrow I have CTR in one part of hand and exploratory surgery at the location of last operation.BTW, this is a new doctor, a hand specialist.He is going to see if my nerve is stretched or cut.Has anyone had this knid of nerve operaton before? I am not too worried about the CTR,but about the othere operation they will be doing. Appreciate any imput.Thanks,Bethsha211
Welcome to the Boards Bethsha!! I'm sorry I can't help, I have absolutely no knowledge of hand issues, but I just wanted to bump this up for you in hopes someone sees it and can help!!Wink
This is a web site I have been referred to, maybe it will have some information.


I learned recently that I also need hand surgery, fusion or transfer involving the thumb joint on my left hand.
i dont know anything about the hands but i pray everything goes well for you
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
bethsha just wondering how your surgery went and how everything is going??
risingeagle222 Wrote:bethsha just wondering how your surgery went and how everything is going??

I just posted a new thread called Hand surgery telling what has happened with surgery.
Thanks for asking!
dont open the blue DOCTOR anyone
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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