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Do You Remember???
Okay , I have to ask what are Sideliners? lol. I was born in 1962 but never heard of it. Am I missing something? I was born in Fla. but raised in NE.

Hubby and I when we first met as teenagers had many cars. My first was a 1970 Monte Carol with Ralley Sport wheels. Of course where I lived the center caps were stolen in no time at all. That was the only downfall with the center of those. They were easy to take off. Also my husband ( at the time boyfriend) use to own many dirt bikes.

We also got married in May 1981 after we got married we drove away in our 1969 Road Runner. It was absolutley beautiful. Purple matallic running down the front, orange under the hood and pearl on the hood and a beautiful blue al around. It was all the color of the road runner on the cartoonw= with the road runner cartoon. We always turned peoples heads when we drove by it was such a beautiful car. And the way it ran was amazing. People at the wedding hung cans from the back and used shaving cream etc. on the car when we drove away that hubby went straight to the car was to clean it on our way to our honey moon..LOL.

Then we had a 1970's black cuda. Talk about black beauty!!! That car was out of this world beau=iful. It ran good and very little problems. We just could not afford it with a new back anymore so we sold it to a friend and then found out it ended up totaled and in the bone yard. Now all our cars are sold and we are left with newer models. Such a shame to see all the beatiful old cars gone from the roads now. But we both love to go to all the old car shows.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
skeeter had a 350 honda dreamster cherry red we would ride the firebreak on fort knox ,this was in later years ,@ he had a 55@56 chevy a 57 ford (that left him walking more often ) a 49 ford coup and a 54 chevy with honky tonk heart wrote on the fenders lollol and his mom wrecked his 64 ford falcon bright red ,had that motorcyle (now this was back in our skinny days ) he would ride me and all three kids all up thru the holler , man the risk we took when we were young !!all this talk makes me feel my age lollol
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
And of course in the late 1950's Barbie comes out;

Barbie, a teenage doll with a tiny waist, slender hips and impressive bust, became not only a best-selling toy with more than 1 billion sold in 150 countries, but a cultural icon analyzed by scholars, attacked by feminists and showcased in the Smithsonian Institution.
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SmileMy son Greg's 67 SS Camero.[attachment=398]

Sparky Sideliners were a type of winter jacket , red with a hood, down to the knees, with hooks instead of buttons, a fad thing , like levies with the red tag.
did they put mrs beasley and alf in there too?
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Bad Boy Bad Boy Wrote:Manley2, it's just a timeline I put up. But, it is said, that Top Gun the Movie, was the best ever movie of the Air Force to date.

Good think I like you so much BAD Boy...or I would never forgive you for this goof.... TOP GUN is NAVY. Thanks for memory lane. Red
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