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SSDI consultative exam?
After 24 months and two denials I just received a letter from an alj
demamding a consultative exam. What is this? From what I can find this is requested when they have little to no medical info on someone.
Does anyone have any knowledge of this proceedure.
Still awaiting another surgery in June, and have been off work since
"Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain"
Wow this sounds familiar to me. I have been off work since April of 2006. 5 knee surgeries. With 1 more as soon as my WC lawyers get things ironed out. I have my alj hearing June 24th. I have not heard of what you are asking. I too am interested in this answer. I wish you well. I sure hope I win as I can barely walk and have to use a brace and cane!

I don't have an answer but I am almost in same situation(two denials, waiting for Alj hearing about 16 months). I am just curious..did they ever examine you?
Before they denied me, they sent me for a pshych evaluation as I am also claiming depression, but didn't send me for orthopedic exam(due to surgeries on hands) Their doctor recommended disability due to chronic pain but they still denied me.
Just two weeks ago, the hearing office transfered my case from Seattle to Houston and that worries me.

Hope everything works out for you.
When i applied for SSD i was examined by a Psychiatrist as well as another Dr but i cant remember his area of expertise ( to many pain meds LOL) before i was approved. Also when i moved to NC i was examined and evaluated again by an Internal medicine doctor this time . Not sure why they chose an internal med Dr. It didnt pertain to my injury.
7 Yr survivor of the NY State workers compensation system
I'd like to know...what is the deciding factor if you must been seen by one of their docs? When I was approved, I never had to see a doc. I wonder if I will when review is in seven years?

Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!
What was funny about mine was before my first denial I got a letter setting me up with doctor appt for an exam. A week before that appt date I got another letter saying it was canceled and a few days later I got the denial letter. On appeal I got a letter setting me up with another appt. Again a week before that appt date I got a letter canceling it. Then my second denial letter. Now it's a 2 year wait for a hearing. Just hard to understand how they work when they set these appt's up in what would seem like a tool to get some info they are looking for but then without those results they deny you. Makes it look like somebody there wants to make a good ruling but then the boss steps in and say we are paying out too much money so they stop some. Who knows
The doctor appointments are a joke. When I had the dr. appointment they sent me to I was post major knee surgery about 2 weeks. Still on crutches and couldn't do much of anything. This was in the reconsideration level. So I thought I had a great chance of winning. Even the doctor stated well you sure can't do much of anything. 2 weeks later I get the denial letter. I really do not understand this system. Now I am very worried. My lawyer called me yesterday and was telling me they got a statement from SS that they are really cracking down on depression cases. Well what do they expect from us. I was a bread winner making very good money. Now I can barely walk let alone work. What do they think is going to happen. Depression has set in for me for over 2 years. i have tried over 30 different combos. I just don't know what to do now. I played by all the rules done what I was supposed to do now it may be for nothing. I have been fighting WC for over 3 years as well. We have paid for everytihng I have had done. All the knee surgeries dr. appointments .etc. I am tired of it all. If I lose my case in June I am not sure what will happen. I am sure alot of you feel the same way. I did not want to go thru this. i would rather be working. They make us feel like we are criminals. Sorry for ranting but I have just had all I can handle.
Queen Bee, Your Appt. is actually a Good thing, it Means they are Looking at Your Case Harder, and Need More Info. from an Independent Dr. I Applied in '05, at the Age of 43, and was Approved in 3mos./3wks. without an Attorney, and this is How it was Explained to Me then.

I was Contacted via Phone from a Social Security Approved Dr. that was in My Area, (Approx. 2 Mos. from My Application) and She Performed a Interview with Me, and had just Received My Medical Records for Review. I Questioned Her on the Procedure, and She went on to Tell Me that My Medical Records were all in and She had enough Evidence to Make a Decision, that's why She only Phoned, Instead of having Me Come in for an Exam. She went onto say that if My File Passed Her Review, it was then sent on to a Panel of 3 Dr.'s for Review, and the Majority Decision is the One I would Receive. So if You are being Asked to come for an Appointment, they must not have enough Medical Evidence to Make a Decision. My Phone Appt. went well, and I was Approved, and I Hope Your Dr. Appt. does as Well! Best of Luck, and Please keep Us Informed!!Wink

Got a letter today from the Disability Determination Services informing me of an examination with a psychologist who they inform me does not make the decision regarding eligibility for disability benefits.
I had one of these appointments 2 years ago


My injuries and disability is from broken bones and surgeries. My next surgery is three days after this disability appt.

If they are deciding on my disabilities why not have me see a medical doctor?
I thought I was waiting all this time for a hearing after two denials.

Does this make sense or is it just a run around.
"Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain"
sounds like just more run around. Do you have a lawyer helping with this?

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