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White deer of Northern Wisconsin.
I have driven through these area's since 1989 and have personaly seen them and almost hit a few..............The clip is a little long but still interesting.........Bronco..

Bronco, I was born and raised in Wisconsin My family all live there still. Have been out many a night shining, Is that still popular where you are?
You would have loved it at the Castle in Pa and watching the ELK, They were fantastic.......Northern Wisconsin is known as God's Country..........
Yes to some it is god's country but when you live it day after day it dont seem like it.
As far as the Shining it still goes on, but DNR have there hand so far up your A-- you have to be carefull. There is not as much public land anymore so land owners constantly report you say your violating. The trick is dont bring a gun with you.....LOL. But as they say up here, deer season opens up for many anytime after the 4th of july.

I love nature and to watch elk would be fun. My wife and I went to cripple creek up in Colorado while visiting inlaws. While heading up the mountain past Pikes Peak we had like about 15 of them cross in front of us almost hitting them "they were just huge compared to our car" .

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