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Am I covered under WC?
Gategoddess2009 Wrote:John,

Good luck with this! I'm finding out that Florida's laws are very difficult with regard to WC. The investgator I saw today about my case stated that it is almost impossible to get a WC claim in Florida without an attorney.

I wish you good luck, and hope that your back feels better soon!


It is not true that you can't get a WC claim in Florida without an attorney. That's what the attorneys want you to think. Otherwise they make no money.

But in some circumstances such as yours, you don't have a specific injury that you can attribute this to. You even stated yourself that you weren't sure if it was from work. In that case, you would need an attorney to try to fight for you. However, if it didn't happen from a work related accident, then, it would be unfair to try to claim it as WC regardless if you find an attorney who tries to get you benefits under WC wouldn't it?

If, you are certain it was from your work, then, yes, in your case, you will probably need an attorney to help.
The alternative and far easier tack is to seek appropriate medical care, obtain a diagnoses if possible,[ generally it is not for low back pain], and only then may you be able to make a causal relationship to any work activity. With a universal prevalence of some 23 % in all populations over the age of 30, low back pain generally happens for no specific reason at all. That much of it somehow or another in the USA ends up being attributed to a job is simply a interesting wrinkle to our system.

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