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Lumbar Fusions Input Needed
I Agree with Cycler 100% on this One MJC! You and I have been Friends for a While Now, and I would Never try and Over Talk Your Dr., but I will Share with You My Last Visit to My PM Dr., and Maybe it will give You Something to think about! This Visit was last Week, as You know I Produce Massive Scar Tissue, and My S1 Nerve Root is Crushed and Encapsulated in that Scar Tissue on My Right Side. My Spine is also kind of "Fused" to MY S1 Nerve on the Right, because where they Removed the Half of My Disc that Blew, the Scar Tissue filled up that Area in My Spine, and Attached itself to My S1 Nerve, so every Time I Swing My Right Leg, it Pulls on My S1 Nerve, and Inflames not Only the Nerve, but also the Crushed Nerve Root. And You also know that Lately My Pain has Increased Dramatically, and I am not getting Sleep. I brought these Changes Up to My Dr., and She Understood Exactly what I was Speaking about, I also have Retrolethesis, and She Mentioned that My Arthritic Changes have also been Dramatic due to My Injury, and Lack of Movement. We Discussed 2 Options: First a Fusion on the Left of My Spine in the Lumbar Region to try and Give Me Some Stability there, or try and get Me More Sleep, and See if that Helps My Body to Regenerate a Bit, and Help with the Change in Pain. She was in Total Agreement with me that Due to My Arthritic Changes, and My Scar Tissue Issue, a Fusion would be a 50/50 Shot at Best, and would Probably not Help the Pain, but if the Fusion would Take, which She Felt it wouldn't, would Only Help with the Stability of My Lower Spine, not the Pain. I Chose not to get Cut Again, I don't Honestly think I could Handle the Pain of the Surgery along with the Pain I now have, and have to Deal with a Possible Scar Tissue Issue on the Left Side! We have both Decided, as She has Written in Red Across My 3 File Folders, (NO SURGERY UNLESS A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION") I Hope this Helps You on Your Decision, but I do Agree Totally with Cycler, I don't think it's going to Help Your Pain. Be Well My Friend, and I Hope the Decision You Make is the Right One for You!!Wink

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Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - MJC - 04-22-2009, 04:53 AM
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RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - Still in Limbo - 04-27-2009, 12:19 PM
RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - MJC - 04-30-2009, 12:49 PM
RE: Lumbar Fusions Input Needed - MJC - 05-04-2009, 09:54 AM

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