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Our Newest Member Of Our Family.
Well it's spring and as I promised my wife and son, a new puppy.
Meet Buster he is a puggle Pug/Beagle.
[Image: 2meetkz.jpg]

He has to share our family with our 11 year old black lab ( scooby ).
They get along great except when buster chews on his tail.
[Image: 2vi07wo.jpg]

Scooby has arthritis really bad so they stayed in today we got slammed with 5 inches and saying another 4-8 tonight.
[Image: 2v7upu9.jpg]

I just wanted to share with the gang sorry if the pics are a little big.
how cute........snow? its 75 degrees here
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Supposed to get 70's thur here.
Awww, how cute. I have 2 Pugs here at home, along with my 2 Rot's Mixed. You would think there all sisters because they get along better then most. I hope you all enjoy the new Pup.

I'm sure my Monster will love these Pictures as well also...

PS. Now get outside and fix those broken lights....ROTFLMAO...
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Thanks for the Photos Bronco, You have 2 Beautiful Dogs there!!Wink
Thanks gang he is a bundle of laughs, also is a good reminder about the puppy thing. But all is good and has sparked up the old lab we love it....................Bronco
How cute, I had a yellow lab, she was so gentle, I loved her to death.
From the looks of things ya better not put the snow mobile away yet.....LOL
You hit that 1 Tuffy, my son mentioned taking them for another ride as he said " for another last ride." I was sorry to upset him but nope they are parked.
He cant wait till next year, I had to give up my favorite snowmobile ( back cant take it anymore ) it's a 2002 pro x and was built specifically for the x-games. He loves jumping and deep snow riding, it still does about 117 mph. It will not be that fast for him after I put a deep lug track and gear it down a bit, he wont be happy but it's out of Love.......LOL
Neat, Bronco! Looks like affection to me...and probably one of the best things for ole Scooby. Buster's company will soothe Scooby in many ways!Smile
bronco...your puppy is adorable. Thanks for sharing your pics with us. Love Red
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