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Your Doctors notes to and from defense attorneys and The insurance carrier?
Born, like Jayne I keep a copy of them with me every where I go, I have extra copies of all my medical Records, Charts, and what is called Soap Notes, plus any added information that was seaked by Third Parties so to say.

Your request for this information is State Regulated. You first need to either contact your State Medical Board, or read your State Laws and Rules on this issue, or even better just ask your Attorney.

Next, it is on how you request these copies. You must do it in writting like Cycler said. In your letter, it has to address every single type of information you wish a copy of. You will see that information when a IC Attorney, or your Attorney gets a Court appointed Subpoena. You will simply use the same clauses is all.

Now, sometimes you have to pay a copying fee of no more than $0.15 per copy, or a one time $25.00 coping fee.

Or you can request, your Attorney send you a full copy.

You will be required to sign a Medical Release form from that Office also, to release your information to you. This is Law also.

I have scaned all my records, all X-rays, and MRI's and so on. I then placed them back into a folder by earliest date to the back, and current date on top, then, I copied all my records onto CD's, and placed a copy of them into my Medical folders. I place a copy of each, in each of my cars, just in case anything would ever happen, their there if needed. Mind you, my medical portion is done with WC, so my records are all in proper order. If need updating some day, it will be simple to perform also.

My medical Records copy's are 2 fold also. My own medical Records are seperated in the folder from my WC comp medical records, and done so on the CD's. Like I said, I carry them every where I go.

My Attorney also has a copy of the CD's on his Record, if ever needed for any reason. He doesn't share my personel medical.

Plus, when ever I get a X-ray, CT Scan, MRI, or what ever, I ask for a copy on CD for my records. They see or know of my Medical Folder Records and always give me a copy on CD's. When the written Report is placed on the CD's, I go in and get the up-dated copy is all.

Once you start this process, it's easy to then keep up. I always say, to get a copy of your Records from the begining, and it makes it less harder in the end. I have copies my Attorney never seen, or the IC for that fact. I was often asked how I got them, and I simply said if you need more just ask me.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
borninabarn Wrote:What about the insurance companys letters to the doctor?and the insurance companys attorneys letters and questions to the doctor?I had ask for my complete file and didnt get any of that.I will talk to my attorney about it.I was just wondering why I didnt get the top secret stuff I had ask for.Thanks

I dont think you get any of that which is personal communication. 1171 would know.
Cycler, I know I have gotten mine. But, like I said an issue brought on by State regulations also. Some medical Office Records Departments, will forward all copy's. While some medical Offices will only forward ones Medical only.

But, any Attorney can then simply request a full copy of any and all records, through a Subpoena. But, the Subpoena must state what it wants also. If the Subpoena doesn't request records from any other Parties, the records might not get forwarded.

Medical records in the possession of any health care provider is the property of
the patient.

Iowa Board of Medicine ;




Also view H.J. 158;
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
After I Won My Case, and Filed the Appeal over the Wages, the Ins. Co. Sent Me for another IME, hoping that it would be More in Their Favor than the One the Judge found Not Credible, and when I Received a Copy, they even Made the Mistake of leaving the Billing Amount Page!! They Drove Me By Caddy Limo., $60.00 per hr. x 6Hrs= $360.00, and the IME, (Which by the Way this Dr. would Only Agree with Their Last Dr., who was Found not Credible) was $1395.00!! So it Cost them, in One Day $1755.00 to Shoot Themselves in the Foot!!!!!Tongue And I got to Drive around in a Limo. like a Big Shot!!!Tongue
born you need to list each and every type of nurses notes, doctors notes , reports , mri paper and cds .... they will only give what you ask for on the paper so list everything .. and ask what types of information there is and list each one ....
I rarely have had problems getting my medical records (including any and all notes and third party paperwork) with a verbal request to my Dr's receptionist. After so many visits (at this time I only go to WC once a month to get my out of work note) I will call and request anything and everything that has happened on my case since a certain date. And she mails them to me from DFW. The same with pain management, and my WC claim from 2003.

In fact, I contacted a Dr that I had been treated by in Vegas during 2005 and requested my records and had everything within a week. The only records I can't get without picking them up in person, are for the 2 times I was hospitalized in Vegas in 2005, so I am having my asttorney request them so she has a full medical file on hand in case my adjustor for this case brings something up from my past. We can them easily see where she might have gotten the info and can counter that it has nothing to do with the WC injury I have now.

I have never had to fill out any request for records paperwork. In fact, last year when my PCP dropped me because of my WC injury, his office sent me a complete set of my records without me even requesting them. I guess each state has rules about release of medical records. I guess that I am just one of the lucky ones that has had no problem getting them.

Angel ^j^
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