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Your Doctors notes to and from defense attorneys and The insurance carrier?
Are we as Injured workers legally able to obtain ALL of our doctors notes that are included in our files that would be including ALL of the letters questions and requests by THE OTHER SIDES attorneys and insurance carrier? I am asking because I have called the doctors office and had ask for ALL of the doctors notes on myself and I did get a few pages BUT there were other pages in my file from thier insurance carrier that the doctor had to fill out and send back to them concerning my condition pushing the Dr.(Doctor told me about and quickly showed me the pages) that the insurance co.had sent him wanting him to release me right away.ALSO the questions the OTHER SIDES attorney sends to my Dr.and wanting him to fill in the blanks "YES" and wording the questions so that it appears Good for them and bad for me.I know there was more in my file than the 4 pages I received the ones stated above.By law are we able to see EVERYTHING in our own file?Thanks this has just been bothering me.Born

I have always requested every doctors transcript after each month I have seen him and anything that was ever put into my file/chart. I have done this on several occassions and just the other day when I went to my primary care doctor I signed a waiver to have all my medical records sent to me also from him. I like to keep everything.

I think if you call the medical record dept. and request that you get all your medical records sent to you that you should have no problem. Some places ask that you pay after a certain amount of pages. I have asked for as far back as a year at a time and never once have had to pay a dime. It is worth a shot but I would say " yes " you have every right to all the information about " YOU ".
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Hello Sparky,
I did call and at that time the dr did have other paper work that he showed me quick that the insurance co.had sent him and wanted him to initial on separate questions that I was ok to go back to work that nothing is wrong with me etc..etc..that was in my file and others at the time of my request but I only received 4 dr notes for my 4 visits with him not any of the other paperwork I really wanted that was not included.This is the kind of paperwork I am asking about.
Born, I contacted My Attorney and Asked for My Complete File. He was a Bit Nervous at First and Ask Me if I was thinking of Changing Lawyers, and I made it Clear to Him that I was Very Happy with Him, I just always want Records for My File. He was Happy to Send them, and I Received every Correspondence, Including My Surgery Transcript!! They have Everything You need, and You May get Less of a Run Around from Your Attorney!! Best of Luck!Wink
More often than not your going to have to go to the doctors office and view your own file. When I request my medical records the office usually sends me what you got. I had to go in person, look at the file, and then tell them I wanted copies of everything in it.

Unless you speak to you doctor personally....you are likely to get the royal run-a-round from his employees. i recently had a hearing test, and when I asked for a copy of the MRI, blood work, hearing test results....the office staff tried to claim they had to send them to me...i knew they could simply copy and hand em over...and demanded they do so. Of course they had to ask doc first....then they copied and gave them to me. They are nervous about the HIPPA stuff, and it's easier for them to just say no.
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State laws differ on charges but generally your Dr. must provide you a copy of your records upon WRITTEN request. You are NOT entitled to your chart, it belongs to the Dr.

In other words, don't bother calling, put it in writing.
What about the insurance companys letters to the doctor?and the insurance companys attorneys letters and questions to the doctor?I had ask for my complete file and didnt get any of that.I will talk to my attorney about it.I was just wondering why I didnt get the top secret stuff I had ask for.Thanks
You too!! Must be standard practice. Also here in La.
after about my first week on here a thousand years ago....I had been told enough to know to protect myself to keep at least 2 copies of everything....one at home in the safe and one on me at all times.......at every doc visit I ask for a copy of that days report to be mailed to me......if the Doc or his nurses wouldnt let me have a copy for one reason or another I would ask my lawyer for a copy of his(he always got a report)......
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