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Industrial Court Hearing Coming Up/MMI?
Hello Everyone,

I live in Ohio. I have an attorney. My doctor specializes in Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine. I broke my right foot last July, 08 at work, the fall caused a Jones Fracture (5th Metatarsal) out on medical leave for 2 wks. I returned to work in an air cast boot and work an additional 5 months, then developed a sprain to left foot for over use, trying to heal the right foot, in the air boot cast.

Workers comp refused to pay bills for doctors visit for sprain to my L foot, and denied me PT and insoles for the broken foot as well. My foot doctor removed me again from work for the 2nd time, and finally wc approved a CT scan for the broken foot in Dec. CT scan showed that after 5 months in air cast boot that my broken foot had only healed to 40%. Doctor placed me on Medical leave again, I was able to heal for 7 wks after completely coming off my feet, to 90% in Jan.

The last week in Jan wc scheduled me to see one of their doctors and his diagnosis was exactly the same as what my doctor's said, however he added restrictions about being on my feet for more then 2 hrs and to limit my walking up and down stairs and standing for long periods of time. Both doctors were in agreement for me to have PT 2 times a wk for 6 weeks in order for me to reach MMI. WC doctor also said I could return to work full time, he also mentioned that I was a slow healer. My attorney was pleased and surprised about the wc diagnosis.

I did not rec'd any compensation from wc comp for 7 wks while out on medical. I was so upset that wc wouldn't pay me. I had no choice but to push myself to go back to work, so my doctor released me at 90% healed (right broken foot) with no restrictions in Jan. Well to make a long story short, the temp service did not want me back, I tried calling for new assignments and they would never return my calls. So I was able to apply for unemployment and it was approved. I worked the same job with the temp service for almost 2 yrs.

Now I don't qualify for any Loss Wage Benefit (my attorney didn't like that to much). I decided unemployment would be better than sitting around waiting on WC, atleast I wouldn't lose everything I own. My attorney however is seeking compensation for TTD for my broken foot and attached the sprain foot onto the claim, as a flow thru to heal the broken foot. My doctor said I needed PT/Insoles for both feet. WC still refused to give me PT/Insoles for both feet.

I saw my foot doctor again last week and I have now healed to 100%. My doctor still insists that I have PT/Insoles for both feet, because I walk with a limp. She said by having the PT it will help put everything back in place, and she wants to see me again in June.

Finally, after waiting 10 months we just got our hearing for next week with the Industrial Court.

With having said all the above, I have a few questions, I hope someone can answer for me?

1. Can anyone tell me exactly what happens when you have a hearing with the Industrial Court?

2. What does MMI mean exactly? and how does that tie into my rating?

3. If I do receive compensation do I have to complete PT first, and what type of compensation might I rec'd for TTD? will I have to attend nother hearing.

I am so happy this is journey is almost over.


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