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hi can anyone break this type of surgery down a lil for me??
ok heres the description of the surgery(lumbar laminectomy disk excision lumbar l4-5 lumbar 5-sacral 1 with decompression bilateral lateral fusion lumbar 4-5 lumbar 5-sacral 1 possible posterior lumbar interbody fusion sagmental fixation harvest iliac crest bone graft allograft bone intraoperative cord monitoring)thats what i am told is next after having my diskogram anyone have a clue what this is???
They are going to clean up one disc and fuse another with instumentation. But that is pending the out come of the discogram.

Mind you, I am not in the medical field. I do reconise some of the wording because it is listed in my on medical records.
8-05, Micro laminectomy/disectomy. 10-05 lumbar fusion L5-S1. 2-07 exploritory surgery. 12-07 medical implant, Spinal Cord Stimulator. now receiving SSDI. After going back to school, I received my degree as a mechanical engineer. What can I say, it was the only way I had to beat the system. 
thats what hes suggesting after having my discogram..was just wondering what im in for with this type of procedure
the discogram is not fun but it will tell the dr what he needs to know.good luck.
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cant help ya as they refused to do the lower on me......but good luck
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