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help while waiting on appeals
my question is in nys
i had my hearing with testamony on march 31 2009. the judge made a decision in my favor and ordered ins carrier to make payments. now i just recieved a c8 form stating the ins comp was gonna appeal and no payments will be made,they have until may 3 to do so and nothing yet. i talked to the comp board and they told me im looking at june for a judges review of the appeal. i dont know what to do. we are completely broke and have a 9 month old baby. is there any programs or finacial help i can get until my payments start again as iam sinking fast . any advice or help would be great thank you
contact your county social services department for referrals. apply for food stamps. there are programs for children. get in touch with your union; they often have emergency relief programs for members. contact your church they can often help with food and shelter.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
as far as my union i was in the united steel workers for 13 yrs do i contact them directly? my employer let me go so as far as my union i may be out of luck
I would contact someone from the union. If your employer let you go because of an on the job injury, your union could be all the help you would need. This is the sort of thing unions are good for. Good luck.
has anyone ever had any luck with their unions in the past? and yes it was an on the job injury this is crazy that the ins comp stops my payments . how do they expect to live? i cant even think of one thing they have to appeal from my last hearing the judge was pretty much locked in stone they have nothing on me just trying to make my life hell, its not like i have my job to go back to, thats what they usualy force you to do
Blake, Remind me. What is your date of injury and what part of NY are you from? Are you required to look for work?
7 Yr survivor of the NY State workers compensation system
12/14/2003 is original injury date went back out 3/12/09 same injury same case i live in troy ny right by albany. and no im not required to look for work. i was fired from my job 3/3/09.
You should also be able to get unemployment if you were fired.
i tried they denied me because they said i quit . mr dr and the ime said i cant return to work. they told me if i didnt go to their dr of choice i would be fired . so my lawyer said go and if they say their dr says you can go back tell them no because my dr has me at total disability and hasnt released me. so sure enough their dr said i may return to work with no restrictions,and i didnt because i have many restrictions and was never released. so i was sent a letter from my employer clearly saying i was TERMINATED march 3 2009. but when unemplyoment sent my letter of denil it said my emplyers dr said i may return to work and since i didnt they said i quit for personal and non compelling. that i quit my job without a good cause. this is my employer lying so that they dont have to pay
I had a about the same situation, fortunately for me their Dr. listed me as worst than my Dr. did.If you have a termination letter, bring it right into the unemployment office and explain the situation to them. I know here in Mass. they tell you to get in line at 7:00 and hope you get in to see "The Man", but it might be worth wasting a day if he sees your side.

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