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Seattle Trip
Thanks everyone! The pics posted just fine last night. I will play with them them tomorrow and put into a different format.

Funny, we left warm weather, and came back to cold, windy weather here in Cali. The pine tree a couple of doors down blew over today and is laying across the road. Made coming and going a little hard as I live in a cul-de-sac; but we do have a field excape route behind our house. Hope it warms up soon. Tongue
Let Go, and Let God......
Just a few photos, but they came out much smaller when I re-formatted them.

Had a BAD day at work today and I'm wiped out. Later guys! Tongue
Let Go, and Let God......
Thanks Chris, the pictures are nice, I've never been to Washington. Hope tommorrow
is a better day for you.
CC, Nice pictures, Looks like you both had a fun time. Now stay warm!!!! LOL

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