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rough day yesterday
Jayne...I am so happy that all worked out for your family. MJC is right. It would have been very scary, but knowing you and knowing how much you love storms, you enjoyed it except for your concerns for the kids. Stay safe friend. Love you Red
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I'm Glad You and Yours are O.K. Jayne, and My Heart goes Out to the Others who were not so Fortunate! This has been a Very Rough end of Winter/beginning of Spring that I have Seen in a Long Time!!Wink
Holy crap jayne! I am so glad you made it home ok. This californian would not know what to do with a tornado warning/weather...earthquakes I do know.
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more storms tomorrow..our church brothers went to cut trees and remove brush in mena it is worse than what the TV can show you just cant understand until you are standing in the middle of it...Tornados are very powerful...I think that is what I love about them the awesome power...........
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jayne sounds like a exciting day, I get to drive to OKC tomorrow and it is supposed to rain all day, can't wait.
no matter where you're at there you are
Jayne you are right about make sure who you hand the donations to. Make sure it is the people that will get it to the ones affected because the ones I know here in town did not. I know exactly who got the money here as he told me himself and we have not seen a dime of it.

It is a big mess once a tornado goes through and no news station can show all the damage on one clip. When you stand right in the middle of it all and speak to all the people it affected is when you truely see what a storm of that size can do to a town. Just a few people bringing sandwhiches, drinks, snacks can bring a smile to your face to show how much people really care how much it has affected you. I know when the red cross came to do that and it helped the workers we had helping us it was greatly appreciated. Just water alone.
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