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rough day yesterday
we went to Tulsa Yesterday....I have a grandaughter that will be staying with me awhile...airports are a major pain in the (Jayne's lame attempt to bypass the Bad Word Filter).....on the way home we stop to feed the kids and the wind is just swirling and erie feeling....my cell phone rings its Becca Mom where are you? I tell her and she tells me just where the storms are...you should be right in front of it if you guys dont make a 100 bathroom stops....ok I order food ....4 kids are not eating KFC in my car.... while they are looking for seats in KFC and I am waiting on food the darn phone rings again Jayne its Mom(I know that geeeezzz) we are ok but we have been in a car wreak....WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT...what happened(Daddy had gotten another speeding warning monday morning)....she laughs....they were behind a kid on the road just next to their house he didnt see them and backed up to let another car out(kid was being polite our roads are narrow in town) and didnt see their little car behind his big truck (with a hay hook)and the hay hook took out the car the hook was up but still demoloshed the little KIA......everyones ok but she needs to go to the Dr where an I?I am in Tulsa Mom are you hurt bad I can call someone to take you...no she wants to wait it aint that bad... Mom call your Dr make an appt for you and Dad with your Doc for tomorrow if it isnt bad......ok she hangs up Becca calls again ...you on the road yet? the storm is building and it is red(bad) no Becca the kids are eating and they are ok but your Grands have been in a wreak.WHATTTTTTTTTT is my granpa ok?yes and I explain it to her and my call waiting beeps it Catherine.... Jayne it is getting ready to storm here we are under a tornado watch what do I do?(catherine is new to Okla) nothing Catherine sit tight I will be home in 2 -3 hrs.....Becca said the storm is awhile off and a watch is just that a watch...unless its a warning just be ready and dont panic.....gather all my little kidos in the car and get moving.....My back is singing....(with all the stress and the weather it is as tight as a guitar string)we always get lost coming back from the airport(constant freaking construction) we are on the free way and Becca calls...where you at the storm is building I explain where we are and she tells me where the storm is and we are staying ahead just barely... we can see the clouds boiling behind us like some kind of cheap tornado show on TV...she tells us NO BATHROOM STOPS.......we are cruising down the road and yep... NANA I gotta go..we stop with a warning go in go pee and get right back out that storm is gonna be a bad one and we dont want to do it in the car.......Becca calls where are you I tell her and she yells its gonna catch you its building...I tell her I know I can see it and its awesome..(can you all hear the canned music going here)...In the car Bill is going above the speed limit we go over the ark river and the river has waves going agaisnt the current....lordy if the kids wernt in the car I would be having the time of my life.......Catherine calls Jayne where are you I explain we are in poteau and she says we have been upgraded to a tornado warning what does she do.....eat Dinner Catherine its still a 1/2 hour out......as we swing thru town they set the sirens off so we hurry we get home in the car I have a silly california born and breed child we explain tornado safety to her while I am giving everyone else their orders where to go what to do when we get to the driveways all goes like a charm....boiling clouds are awesome to watch and stand in....I am putting up chickens and feeding and closing the chicken pen doors and run in the house...I get the weather on the laptop and watch the TV on one channel Bill is in the bedroom with the police scanner and the TV on another channel and we watch as these storms have 5 and 6 rotations in them are coming stright for us.....Kids know the drill and are ready......and its over just that fast...we are safe but Mena Arkansas just 30 miles away is hit and bad...its early will update you all later when all the news comes in....we are safe.....we are home...Momma and Daddy are ok and my expensive rare chickens came in this morning and Bill has gone to get them at the post office...so how did you all spend your Day?
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

jayne...wow... you have way too much excitement in your life ..at least too much for me. I am so glad that you and your family are ok. My day was status quo. Brandi and I went shopping for our large Easter basket that we are doing for each of the kids. I bought a really sharp Easter outfit for my oldest grand daughter which she looks great in. Also, did some cooking. just same ole same ole... but I would not have liked what you went through very much..glad you and your family are ok...love you Red
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Well I sure didn't have the excitement you did!

We were under a tornado watch and trunderstorm warnings yesterday eve. Lots of rain & wind. Yesterday my son went back to school and I went grocery shopping, meet with the accountant for the non-profit I serve on, did some work on my booth at the flea market.

And didn't do any housework! Yes!
sure makes south ga look BORING!!!!!!! see i thought you had a wreck but it wasnt you !!!!!remember?
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What I can't Figure Out Dear is: What did You do with the Rest of Your Time???Tongue
Sheesh Jayne,

I wish that I had been with you yesterday... I love a good storm just as much as you do. All we got yesterday were high winds with gusts up to 60 mph. And the winds just carried a lot of dust and smoke from all of the fires that surround us. Had I needed to go to DFW yesterday, I would have been waylaid on the way back, as they closed the one highway that I travel to and from on. Over 12,000 acres burned in Wichita county alone. And most of the other fires were in adjoining counties.

We are in a severe drought right now, below normal by over 4.5 inches of rain. We have a high percentage for rain over the weekend, but I doubt that it will really amount to anything. The weathermen are even saying we probably won't get more than an inch. There goes having a nice lawn this year. They are already restricting outdoor water useage. No watering lawns and gardens between 7 am to 7pm, no washing of vehicles or homes with hoses or pressure washers.. and if we continue the way we are now, there won't be any watering allowed for lawns and gardens (gardens can be done if you want to haul water by hand from the house).

Glad that everyone is okay and that you sustained no damage. When I heard about the tornado in Arkansas, I thought of you immediately and wondered if you were okay. I knew it had to be close to where you are.

Angel ^j^
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It sounds like you had a very interesting day. I too love storms it reminds me off comming home from fountain colorado. Comming through Iowa on the way home there was 3 tornado's on the ground we were behind one and wathed it hit while the other 2 were on the sides. Scarry but awsome.........
I just saw on the news about Mena that 3 people died in that tornado and saw all the devistation of the homes that were damaged. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people who were affected by that tornado. I know first hand on how that can be and how that can change ones life in a heartbeat.

I also want people to know that when they mention that you can donate money such as grocery stores and stuff like that ( hannaford) , big grocery chains, and other type of buisness that you do not always see that money go to the tornado victims. I am right now wondering where a year ago all the money they collected when we had a tornado went to. I have never seen a dime of it to help us in any way. My father in law brought this up the other day that we should contact the news co. and find out where all this tornado donations went to if it did not go to the people that were hit.
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OMG....I would have been pooping in my pants for sure. I am so thankful that everyone is ok. As I had told you I had not watched the news in some time but last night I did see all the damage. Lord, that is just terrible,

Cajun Hugssssss,
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Sparky if you want money to get to them,get a families name and send it to them..Sal army and red cross will take donations but with it they buy water and food and give out clothing vouchers with it...pay hotel rooms ect..... donating clothing or other things are a waste of time unless it goes in pks such as a toothbrush a comb toothpaste,deo and soap in a bag...these are awsome and you go thru alot of them..problem is at the site you do not have enough people to sort and set up donations so its always easier if you just give to sal army or red cross...they already have these things set up and ready to go within hrs.....warehouses of water,bleach,soap, diapers and wipes to go...I could set up to feed a thousand people a hot meal in under 2 hours thru the sal army.....and remember any money that goes anywhere but to the sal army over 60% of it will go in administration costs...the IC for the Sal army did me wrong but any extra dollars I get will always go to the sal army I know how they spend their money and its not on fancy cars and hi dollar offices its on the people they mean to serve
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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