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Still in Limbo..med side effects and interactions
WinggedEagle, they are performing studies of the Diesel Fuel Fumes now causing all kinds of problems with humans. In Chicago, their monitoring the Air in the Chicago Downtown area. The results they found were shocking to say the least. But the studies are still going on. I too have a CDL License.

Oh, loading and unloading the trailers, has an effect on ones mid section, not just the spine. Like Groin Sprains, and Groin Muscle strains. Causing slow to lack of blood flow properly to the Penal area.
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Bad Boy thank you for explaining that to me. I am glad you didn't think I was trying to crack wise and was serious. I am an OTR truck driver and have heard of the diesel fume studies. As you know there is not supposed to be any fuems in the cab of a truck but some employers don't seem to understand that and fail to make proper repairs.

Thanks again for your reply

OTR Truck Driver 20+ years. Injured Neck, Back, and Rotator Cuff in shoulder 03/2007.
WinggedEagle, not only did I drive em, I fix em also. And I do now how to secure the cab from fumes. These days, they also make great interor insullators that in fact are pre glued, and also stretch and flex with the body movements. I use to install these rubber insullators through out the full cab, or better the sides, floor, and back, then we used a special spray, for the front of the cab, that will seal every crack or opening there is, no matter the size, and none of this stuff would be messy, or costly. Infact it reinforced the cab better from cracking and such. Some employers are Spend a Dollar to save a Dime thinkers, and not to smart on the other end. Oh, I did take your question seriously, and I didn't take it any other way.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Hi all...thanks for all the information Wink. That was a great site. Also, I have found that everytime you see a doctor and everytime he or she asked you a question and you answer it, bingo, more medications. I was diagnosed at age 40. My story is very similar to Limbos in some aspects anyway..smile.. I ran 6 miles a day weighed less than 110 and am 5'3" just a shorty... wear a Navy uniform with a lot of pride. Now 10 years later, through the use of so many steriods and inactivity I have put on 50 lbs. Too much for a shorty. Steriod kill a person's body imagine if you ask me. Also before this diagnosis, I was on zero medications. I didn't see a doctor unless I had to advocate for someone else etc. I don't really like doctors. hehehehe..lol. Any way now I am on Avonex (shot), baclofen, miraprex, synthoroid, ditropan, modafinil, vitamin d, celexa, wellbutin, HCTZ, ativan, prednizone, and 3 inhalers. Strange for what was once a healthy young lady.. lol. My solution has been simple. I give myself a drug holiday once a week, (i would not advise you all to do that), stop telling the doctor what he can see will not hurt him or her, and just pretend that I am having a candy break everytime it is time to take another pill. As for the shot, I just say, I am a nurse and I can handle anything. So it is not a big deal. I do know that everything that Wink mentioned about medications is correct. The hypothalmus is in the brain stem and it controls your hormone levels in your body which of course control everything from crying to sex. What can I say, it is a small peanut shaped organ that actually controls our lives.

Limbo I am rattling, but I would talk to my doctor about the number of medications you are on, and whether there is another route as Bad Boy has suggested versus taking the medications. Even for cholesterol there is diet versus medications. My husband just lost 60 lbs (the brat hehehe) and now he doesn't have to take his diabetes medications. This can make a difference. Also, instead of antidepressants often people buy a natural chemical I think it is call st. john wart or something likethat. Don't do any thing without talking to your doctor first. They seem to have a job of ordering medications. Maybe they get kick backs from the Pharmacies. lol..just kidding. Ok..got to go..love you all.... Carol (red)
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Thanks for the tip Red! I only take Klonopin at bedtime to relax my mind and try to slow it down enough to sleep, that's the only AD that I have. I've learned through time and a Nervous Breakdown that landed me in a psych. Ward a few years back how to handle everyday stress without the Meds. And instead of letting the stress of w/c and my injuries get me down I try my best to look at them as a challenge, something I have to overcome rather than something to knock me down! So Fight away I go, and I am going to take the advice of trying to limit my Meds. to the Three, that's right (3) Dr.'s I see now and see what I can do about that! Thanks again, and you have a wonderful and Pain-Free Day!!!Wink

P.S. Isn't that something? Before I had my injury the only time I saw a Dr. was to get my Physical Card updated for my CDL License! Isn't that Grand!!!Rolleyes

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