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Still in Limbo..med side effects and interactions
Quote:Just to give some folks an idea of how after being injured how so many other things can arrive from just one serious injury. In my signature below is a list of my injuries, and before my injury I took only a small dose of High Blood Pressure Medication. When I was injured I was 42 at the time I weighed 208lbs. and I'm 6'2" tall. I did very heavy manual labor in unloading my Trailer, and I drove a Class A Truck. Since the injury and after taking different Meds., too many in the beginning to count, I now weigh 252lbs. 30 of which I can directly attribute to a medication given me by my surgeon, the name slips my mind at the moment, but I gained 30 lbs. in three weeks and made him take me off of them, and naturally not being able to exercise I can't get the weight back off. :My Meds. as of Today:

MS Contin CR- 200mg. 3xdaily
Morphine Sulfate IR 30mg.- as needed for breakthrough
Neurontin 600mg.- 2xdaily, 1200mg. at bedtime
Klonopin 1mg.- 1x at bedtime
Promethazine 25mg. 3x daily
Lactulose- 15ml. everyday for constipation
Atenolol- 25mg. 1x High Blood Pressure
Pravastatin 40mg.- 1x for High Cholesterol
Pro-Air HFA Inhaler for Asthma
Testim 1 5mg. tube of gel rubbed into my shoulders daily. (My body for some reason has stopped producing Testosterone)

I'll save you guys some time, thats 10 DIFFERENT MEDICATIONS DAILY! My point being in posting this thread is that w/c wants to only look at the original injury and in most cases try to deny those, and if they do accept the injury, that's all they want to treat. I don't know how, but somehow, someway we are going to have to get w/c to understand that sometimes an initial injury starts a snowball effect in a persons body and these items need addressed also!! I'm sorry, I've been pretty down lately, and I just needed to vent and maybe try to get a point across that may someday. somehow help someone!! Thanks for letting me vent, I really needed that!!!

I'm not an expert, but I found a few things for you that I would think may be of interest.  There are tons of sites concerning low testosterone levels and the many causes.  I know your doctor and pharmacist said otherwise, Limbo, but...this is just one of those sites relating medications as a possible cause for low testosterone levels.  Scroll down to Pituitary/Hypothalamus-Based Conditions and see Medications:

A message about Klonopin and SSRIs:

Memphis,TN: My husband was treated for depression about 5 years ago and prescribed Effexor. He is still on that medication and up until appoximately a year ago, was a heavy drinker.
In January, he was found to have low testosterone and has been put on medication.
We have been married 16 years, and during that time he has had a low sex drive and also he drank during that time. He blames his low testosterone on the Effexor. I disagree. What are your thoughts?

Dr. André Guay: Effexor, and other SSRI antidepressants, can lower Testosterone, either directly or through the stimulation of prolactin from the pituitary. Excess alcohol use in the past can also depress the pituitary's signals to the testicle. The important point here is that there are multiple causes of low T, and several causes could affect a man at different stages of life.
[url] http://discuss.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv...41806.html[/url]

And another:

Here's a site regarding ProAir®HFA Important Safety Information regarding possible side effects of using Atenolol (Tenormin) which is a beta blocker, also. http://www.proairhfa.com/SafetyInformation.aspx

It always concerns me when some folks are on sooo many different medications.  It certainly would worry me if I were on so much--wondering if my doctors and pharmacists really understood the possible complications of so many mixes.  Don't get me wrong, I trust professionals--but only to a certain point.  Most times they mean well, but I am always suspicious when they are so busy-brained and sometimes absent-minded--possibly missing or overlooking potential problems.  
Wink, You make a very good point about too many meds and interactions, I do know that Drs do not know all there is as far as knowing all the side affects of meds, I suggest ( my opinion ) when your Drs prescribe meds to read all you can before filling the RX, and try and stay with the same Pharmacy , for all prescriptions, If in doubt about any meds interacting check with your pharmacist, They really know more about meds. I read your Link about Atenolol ( beta blocker ) and albuterol (pro=air FHA )

You sure did some very interesting research. Well done.
Thank You very much for taking the time to look these up for me Wink!! It's very late right now, but I sure will look at those sites in the Morning and let you know what I've found out! It's truly appreciated that you took the time form your day to look these up for me, I'm very concerned about the amount of Meds. I currently Take. I told My Wife the other day if they want to add any more Meds. they have to take away one, I stop at ten!! (LOL) The Testim I am taking to give you an example costs $229.00 per month! The pain Meds. are covered by w/c at this point, and the Atenolol is only $4.00 and the Simvistatin is only $15.00. But when you try to live on Comp and SSDI those amounts right now are astronomical!! I just applied Today for discounted Part D Medicare, I can't afford the usual fees, so if I get that it will make things a lot easier. Again Thank You and I will respond after I've read the sites!!!Wink
I added some more.
Limbo, my friend, lets get more of this out there. Not just you but others also.

Limbo, your line of work would, could have the same effect on you, I hope you know that. Even the pollutions your surrounded by.

Asthma, I was treated for, then I got smart, went to the Cheif of Staff Doctor for Ears, Nose Throat, found it was Sinus infection causing Asthma symptoms. My sister, was being seen by different Doctor's for Asthma again, they sent her to a place for allergeries. I kept telling her it isn't Asthma, and begged her to see my Doctor I found. After years of not listening to me, she went to a different Doctor, but they had to now operate on her Sinuses. Guess what, no more Asthma. Oh, it effects the testies too.

Bllod pressure / Cholesterol Meds, one of the most well known to lower Testosterone.

If constipation is happening, don't take meds if you don't have too. Mineral Oils or something else. Which help the body, not take away from the body.

Neurontin, if after 6 months or 2 years, if nothing has changed, talk to your Doctor, It's to help Nerves heal, and if they don't then there is no need left for it.

In my Opinion, I went to a Doctor of Internal Medicine. Took all my Meds with me, and he made changes to them all.

You need to have one Doctor work with your other Doctor's that is in control of you and your medications.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.

First I would like to say that Wink I think you are amazing!
Just my story! Hope no one mindsShy In '99 with my first back injury I was given 6 steroid injections and 3 medrol packs in around 6 months. Within the frist 3 months of the injury I gained 30 pounds with no effort on my part. Had no fun doing it! Then was given Elavil for sleep and chronic pain. All of these drugs have side effects that last for up to a year after stopping them. I had NO other health issues at the time. Picture of health at 45. When I returned to work full duty I found I could barely get through the day. Exhausted and couldn't pick my legs up. Went to Work Hardening therapy at the Office of Vocational Rehab's expense even though my medical was still open with WC they refused to pay for any treatment. After having the eval with the PT he called WC to get it cleared and was told that I was a " big, fat, lazy human being who just didn't want to work" He asked the Adjuster if she had ever met me. She said no. ANd he clearly told her that they were talking about 2 different people as that was not how he would describe the woman he just met.I told my HR Director at the time and she called WC and told this witch never to talk to one of her employees or to anone else about her employees like that. Did the work hardening therapy, stayed at work, lost the 30+ pounds with no effort.

Within 2 years I started to have many health problems. DX with multiple food and respiratory allergies, HBP, asthma, diabetes, fibro, reflux and LPR. COINCIDENCE! I doubt it.

With this injury the depression set in. I went to a phsychiatrist for meds. He prescribed remeron which totally stopped my BP meds from working and I had spiked that could have killed me. COuldn't do PT, couldn't do anything.BP meds were upped. Dr. wouldn't speak to me as he was pissed that I had this knowledge and called him on it. Since then I don't take anything that my PCP doesn't prescribe and I use one pharmacy so they are on the interactions also.

Sorry I went off path from the original post, Limbo. Just wanted to share.

Hi Bad Boy and Thanks for the reply. My PM Dr. is the one I use to have all of my Meds. approved, I signed an agreement with her to not take any Meds. without her consent, so I call her every time a new Med. is prescribed. I just recently switched PCP's to a Dr. my Father uses and she is great also! That's how we found this problem I asked for a Comprehensive Blood Work-Up including Testosterone because of lack of libido, and she found the problem. Luckily Both of these Dr.'s (PM and new PCP) are younger and pretty up to date in New Procedures and such. I never had a problem before this accident, I'm not trying to be nasty here in any way but before my accident, even with working an average of 16 hrs. a day, sometimes 6 or 7 days a week, 2 or 3 times a week was no problem for me. I'm going to read Wink's websites now, it has info. on the Pro-Air inhaler and Atenolol, which is used for my HBP as you stated, and I'll get back to you with what it's said. Thank you all very much for coming to my aide with answers, THIS is what these boards are about, helping each other when we are in need!!Wink
Limbo, I might add 1 more thing, is your injured area, also could have a proven affect too. But in my best guess, it is the Medications. Might I ask you this. Your injured on such date, how were you with this problem up till the day you had surgery. That Cathater they put in you at surgery, could of done something also. I will say this, it was my second surgery, and I refused that Antestesolgist to touch me. They had to get a whole different group. For now, I have to pee twice not once, go one time, stand there and wait for the next load to come out, then I'm done, otherwise I will have wet pants... Viargra Baby, go all the way....Big Grin But be ready for 4 hours of fun too....Cool Anyone says it doesn't work, don't even believe them. Hey even if you don't need it, get some, for sure makes things different trust me. My WC Doctor gave me a script for some with refills, and I never had a problem. Hummmm, I'm now wondering why since you brought this up. I never questioned it, for after I took one, I said man is this stuff great....Cool
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
I just read through some of the sites Wink gave me and boy do I fit the Profile!! I really want to Thank You All for taking the time to answer and give me your opinions. I am seeing a Urologist, one that actually listens and doesn't read charts or do exams as you speak, (I'm sure we've all been through this) and I have to return to him in July. I can surely see now that my Meds. could be a part of my problem, along with the fact that before my injury I worked hard and Partied hard on the Weekends (Alcohol) and this could also be a factor. My age is a factor, and I could keep going on and on. I will surely let you all know what we find at my next appt., I'm going to keep using the Testim Gel, and another Blood test will be performed in July also to see if my levels have increased. You all have been Great, you can't believe how much better I feel after the replies I've received and the Info. that was given me. It's great to have folks like you around to be able to turn to!!! Have a Great Weekend all, and Thanks Again!!Wink
I'm just curious Bad Boy but what does driving a truck have to do with Limbos problems? The polluants you speak of where are they in relation to the drivers position?

OTR Truck Driver 20+ years. Injured Neck, Back, and Rotator Cuff in shoulder 03/2007.

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