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need help
frist time user, I was hurt feb.20th 2008 with a back injury.company Dr. said I would never be the same but I'm as good as I will ever be. My quistion is the company I work for has not even said anything about a settelment, should I be concerned. should I get a lawer. P.S. I'm still employed for now. I live in Missouri.
Was this reported to workers comp???
yes, seen two company doctor and therapist. frist doctor said it was a sprain I should be fine. second doctor said the same and had me see a therapist. therapist put me in traction twice before I fell to the floor at my home. went to the er two times then the second doctor thought I should have a mri. Mri showed a ruptured disc. had removal surgury the next week. (no fushion)
WC only pays a " settlement" if there is a permanant disabilty % did your doc rate you
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company never sent me to get a final disability %. Plus still have nerve damage on right side, numbness in calf and foot. sent back to full work in summer of 2008 sence the have had more trouble but the Dr. says sprain.
You said you were sent back to work full duty? When did the doctor say you would never be the same?
sorry i will explan better. I said I had been having more trouble, the last time I went to see him witch was about 3 weeks ago he asked if I had got a settelment and I told him no. then he said I should be on perment restrictions because I am as good as I will ever be.
You were hurt in 2007 not 2008 correct?
7 Yr survivor of the NY State workers compensation system
no I was hurt in 2008
Did your doctor every give you written restrictions for work? If so, he or you should have supplied the restrictions to your employer...possibly you should be on light duty...or not working at all. I am confused....maybe they haven't really reported the work injury to WC...do you remember getting anything in the mail from WC or the state of Missouri?
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