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No work for limitations
I live in NC and I have been collecting Worker's Comp since January for my torn rotator cuff injury. My doctor has released me for work with very strict limitations. My employer is not able to find work for me with these limitations, and has told me they would prefer I remain at home. Since my employer has asked me to stay home until the doctor is able to release me with more capabilities will that cause a problem with my benefits? Thank you to all that respond.
As long as you are still an employee, it should not effect your benefits. Sounds like a good employer, cause they could make you go sit in an office doing absolutely nothing for 8 hours. Others will be along to either agree or tell me I am wrong, but I think you are all set.
I Agree with Fencer, You should Continue to Receive Your Monetary Benefits until You Heal Enough to be able to Return to Work that Your Employer has Available. Your Dr. is the One to decide when and How You Return to Work, and Your Employer seems to be a Pretty Good One, by wanting You to Stay Home and get Better! Too May Times Employees are Forced Back to Work too Soon, and End Up with Further Difficulties and Injuries! Best of Luck, and You Should be Fine!!Wink

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