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Workers Comp Article in NY Times
blake Wrote:i got a false report from am ime from my employers dr and at my hearing yesterday the judge threw it right out their dr has credibility issues that are well known. i mean i have 3 dr that all say the same thing about my disibility and in comes a paid dr from my employer that says nothing is wrong and i can go back to work with no restrictions. i wish there was some way i could go after this guy, i have to hand it to them they tried but in the end they will get caught
What happened about the so called video the investigator had ? And what was the outcome of your hearing? Just wondering, hope it all went in your favor !
7 Yr survivor of the NY State workers compensation system
i posted it under hearing questions check it out all went well for me ty
I read the NY Times article. I was not surprised in the least.
I was a one on one caregiver and manager of a OMRDD home on the OVN. When I arranged medical care for someone or myself I was always treated with respect. When I was injured my whole world turned upside down. I was treated like a junkyard dog on a good day.
Instead of discussing medical issues, I was treated as if my brain had turned to mush. But what was not unexpected was the response to the article posted on this site, (not in forums.) The person responding to the article was amazed on how little truth was in the article. How these were really rare cases and embellished by the writer. Talk about blind justice. I suggest that person really read these forums, and see the WC merry-go-around in action. My only ray of light is knowing that an on the job injury can happen to anyone at anytime. Then they can comment on how great the system really is. Good Luck. NYS resident Bernie S. Total disability, deep in debt, in pain 24/7, & shocked on how evil people can be.
L shoulder torn 3.5" R shoulder damaged. Heart damage, carpal tunnel (L&R) cataplexy/narcolepsy, arthritis, hypoglycemic. +. Bernie
WOW ! Be sure to read the readers comments section of this article. Lots of good info shared by injured workers, IC case managers , Drs, Lawyers and the former commissioner # 107 !
7 Yr survivor of the NY State workers compensation system
Here is some more;




Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Rolleyes [color=#800000]The nightmare just continues to grow. My IME got his licence revoked by NYS, could only do WC cases. That did concern me. But this was even better. In June 2005 I got a 3.5" tear in my left rotator cuff, PCP requested MRI, Surgeon requested MRI,
IME requested MRI In Feb of 2006 the judge ordered it.
Sounds like I should have had a lawyer. I did Sad. I trust none of them.
I think we all should just show up at a local hospital just until the number of us overwhelms the entire system. 2005 and counting.. Bernie
L shoulder torn 3.5" R shoulder damaged. Heart damage, carpal tunnel (L&R) cataplexy/narcolepsy, arthritis, hypoglycemic. +. Bernie

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