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Tens Unit Problems
After the 07 auto accident I was in physical therapy for 2 weeks due to a neck injury. The doctor wrote a script for a tens unit and it was purchased thru the physical therapy department.

Up unitl now I have never been in need of pads for this unit as they have been given to me by a friend.

Friday I contacted the company that makes the tens unit requesting pads for the unit. The worker from EMPI could not locate the purchase contact and requested the serial number for my unit which I gave to her.

I was told my unit was never purchased and I needed to return it to EMPI as I would never be able to obtain parts for this unit.

I do have a copy of the purchase contract completed by the hospital and will visit with the physical therapy department.

I can not afford to purchase another tens unit.

Any suggestions?
who was supposed to pay for it? was it insurance co? i would contact them if it was their error. why did they say you couldn't get parts for it? did you try ebay? hope you get it figured out soon. good luck, take care.
Mine was paid for by W/C as this was before my auto accident. It is also thru EMPI, and they were sending my supplies (pads,electrodes,etc..) and W/C was being charged for them thru MSC until recently. I know that the saleslady that would call me or write me a letter to verify that I still needed the monthly supplies, wrote me after the last shipment was denied and she said I could contact her for supplies and prices of each of the differant supplies.

You may need to contact them again and let them know that you can send them a copy of the purchase agreement if needed. I don't believe that you can't get supplies for it. They used to be from RehabilaCare until Empi took over. My ex-hubby's unit was also able to use the same items that mine does and visa versa. I do have a phamphlet that came with mine, look in your case and see if it is in there.

I purchased the unit thru the physical therapy department at the local hospital.
A contract was completed with the department head person's signature on the contract, (I have a copy of the contract)

The therapist told me they would send in the paper work. I never questioned it and thought I would have to call EMPI for supplies.

My guess id this should have been billed to the auto insurance company, the medical on that policy is now maxed.

I keep all my medical bills organized in a binder, so once I start looking for the bill it shouldn't be to hard to locate, if I was billed for it. I am one to remember numbers and I do remember a bill with this amount on it.
I also got a Empi Tens unit through my PT dept. I remember getting all the paperwork on it and even seen how much it cost the IC. I get a call every few months from them asking me if I need pads or batteries or cables. I have even called them on a few occasions myself asking for some. I am very surprised that when you first got the unit that you did not get a yellow carbon copied paper and all the paperwork that went along with it, and a CD on how to use it with a 1-800 # if you needed supplies etc. My Occ Med. Doctor had to write the script for PT to get the Tens unit. They must have a purchace # somewhere on it in order to get the supplies needed for it.
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bummer do you know anyone that works for a chiroprator?I so see if you can get them to buy from the dr. as they might get it at cost.my wife got mine at work and it was like 30-40.00 and thats at cost and it is usually 80-90.00.
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Bummer check with a medical supply store. I purchase patches there once for mine.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
My opinion. Is you don't need to order them through EMPI. They can be ordered from anywhere. If you need a script to order them, have your doctor write one.

Take a look at that contract. Is there a Serial Number on that paper? It's just possible, your giving them the number off the unit, and not the contract.


Even Walgreens have Medical Supply Stores, and sell them.
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Thank you Bad Boy

The sales contract list the same serial number I gave EMPI by phone.
I do see one place on the unit that has the number I gave them but with a 07-added to the number I gave them.

Will this make a difference?

I will check-out Walgreens. This tens unit keeps me out of ER.
I also had a TENS unit that WC purchased from EMPI. At that time I ordered my pads through them because WC was paying for them. Just go back and check the items you need and mail or fax them a copy of the contract. In the meantime, take BadBoys advice and see about getting them someplace else. They may even be cheaper than buying them through EMPI if you will have to pay for them yourself. Good luck and keep us posted.

Cajun Hugsssssssss,
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