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Injury, Narcotics, Depression
The reason I started this as Injury, Narcotics, Depression is because this is the way I feel it seems to start in alot of our cases. First we are injured , then we go to the doctor who starts putting us on pain meds, and then we get on them and we cannot do the things we like to do or use to do anymore and depression sets in. I think alot can relate to what I am talking about.

Once your on pain meds of any sort for a large amount of time you become use to them and I do feel you get to a point they do not work any longer and you just take them for the sake of hopeing they are working to take away the pain we have each day. I have tried to get an adjustment and for some reason my doctors do not want to change them. Don't know why. I do not like the way they do not give me energy to do things. It brings me down. I hate being down and want to go out and do things and find it very hard to even socialize. My family is having me take little baby steps outdoors to go get ice cream etc. It is sad when my oldest daughter understands how depressed I am and cannot leave my house now because of the pain and calls me just to get me to go for ice cream with her and her friend.

I just want people to know that have just been injured to please be careful on what the doctor prescribes you for narcotics and how you take them. Make sure you do take them as prescribed and hopefully your pain will not become chronic. If it does it is a very long road ahead and very sad road ahead to rely on medication each day to survive. I am trying everything in my power right now to get off them. I am praying that this MRI that was done the other night will show a hugeeeeeeeee disc that can be fixed and that I do not have CRPS and I can get off these meds for good. I know I was a happy person without them and hope to be again someday. I want to see the good ole days of aleve or tylenol so that I can leave my house and see the outside world once again as I feel my medication has me in prison right now. Does anyone else have these same feelings on meds. or am I the only one that feels this way with narcotics?
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
sparky you are not alone....What people dont understand is we dont just lose our jobs but our very essence what we are....My morning always started before dawn Milking our cow and gathering eggs then going in and getting the kids up and dressed...and running all day until way after dark and I LOVED IT it was my dream life...in the fall to see a pantry full of jars of fruit and veggies butter and meat in the freezer..fresh milk and cheese in the fridge..and knowing my family was getting only the best to eat and drink.....it was a dream that came crashing down with just a turn and boom gone just that fast....My job,my life gone in an instant......It is no wonder we fight Depression...we cant move without pain our friends wont look us in the eye and med personal think we are faking it for the good life of WC....
I dont take half of the pain meds the Doc perscribes and he gives me hell over it...but I dont want to give my life over to a drug haze either......I thank God daily for this place and my church both have kept me from suicide cuz I was just a hair away.......Most newbies have no idea what a ride they are in for.......its not easy or fun...but we will get thru it and be a better person for it....I have found sisters and brothers on here I know I can call at midnite to just bawl if I need to...a place to come and ask for and give prayer. it is an amazing place.I love it here
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

HI, I just wanted to say Thank you, I have been coeming on here for over a year but just recently started to post. I am from florida and was injuried in 2007. I know what you are talking about with the meds. Before I got hurt I helped coach my sons baseball team, we went camping and canoeing and now I cant do anything I really never leave the house since the meds I am on do not really allow it. I have lost my job, some friends and time with my family out doors. i sleep alot and getting very deppressed. I dont like to feel this way and the dr does not understand that. I have put on 55 pounds since the injury and that is due to the meds and depperssion from not being able to do the stuff I once did. The fightening with w/c and not being able to pay bills and getting ready to lose my house which I worked very hard to keep is just adding to the sadness I feel. I come on this site and read what you guys write to each other gives me hope so I want to say Thank you for that. The meds I am on are Percits Lyrica and Ellivlle, Flector patches and was on some others that I just refused to take. I hope things work out for everyone and will keep all in my prayers.
I was injured in the classroom caring for a young student in 2005.

Due to the games the attorneys and insurance companies play It was 31 months later before I had the first knee replacement.

I had my 12th IME last week, this one appointed by the court. The IME doctor asked me several times. "Why haven't you had treatment for your back, it has been 3 1/2 years?"

How do you answer a question like that?
very easy...well you see Doc WC is an insurance company my adjuster is an (Jayne's lame attempt to bypass the Bad Word Filter) put them together I got the shaft
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I was started on Vicodin from the 1st day i got injured along with a list of other drugs. Eventually i was switched to Oxycontin. After that was the morphine. Then some Metadone. All of these drugs made me want to die. I hated the way i felt on them. if i wasnt crawling out of my skin , i was nauseaus (SP) , dizzy, depressed and constipated as all hell. THey did nothing for the pain. I still wasnt able to garden, roller skate, swim or any of the other things i enjoyed. They just kept me stupid . Finally i had enough and asked to come off the narcotics. I am now on Ultram and something i cant mention because its not legal yet . LOL. After watching Montel Williams tell his story and how this particular drug helps him, i decided to get me some and find out . It works ! Anyways , I am able to relax enough so i can bring the pain level down some with the Ultram and 6 other drugs. I am hopefully going for SCS trial in June. Maybe then i will be able to participate in life again. God Bless you all
7 Yr survivor of the NY State workers compensation system
Thank you for the replies. I see I did come across as I wanted to when I wrote that post last night. I did not know if I expressed myself the way I wanted. I was crying to hubby after it building up inside me for a few weeks now of how I am just so sick of being not able to have the energy to do a darn thing anymore. To live a normal life. I do feel it is the meds. If I did not have the pain I would not take the pills. But the pain is so bad it leaves me no choice. I have tried over the counter medicine, creams etc. on my neck, hand and nothing works. Not that the pills work any better either, but takes the edge off more than non-prescription.

I too have gained weight and weigh the most I have ever weighed in my life. This I am very ashamed of right now. I have no energy to exercise and I know that is what caused me to gain it. I know this is what I need to lose it. I barely eat, but sit around all day and only get up to go to the bathroom, go out for a smoke and get a coffee. That is my life these days. Sad really. On a good day I may take a ride to the store and buy stuff for the house and come right back. I am just way to young for this. I remind myself of my neighbor in Mass. that is retired that never leaves his house except to go food shopping. I want more than that in my life.

I have done alot of thinking, and I am going to speak to the doctor about my MRI results on the 17th. See if there is any non-narcotic pain medication that he can put me on and taper me off these strong narcotics that are such downers in my life. I hope that anyone that has just been injured and starting to take these strong meds. and thinks it feels really good to use them and continues to use them that down the road in a few years that it could cause problems with depression, weight gain, and a whole lot of other things that they really do not want to deal with later in life. I would of never thought these meds would of did this to me. Thank you for all who have responded to let me know how these drugs have been to you and your injuries. It has helped me alot.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
Sparky....how scary....you just described ME....to a tee!

Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!
Sparky are you anywhere near a large hospital that may be able to use you rocking babies? I have read that there are hospitals where sick babies whos mommas cant or wont stay with them need Grandmas or someone to just hold and rock them from birth on up.....I know this doesnt sound like much but simply being needed for something sometimes brings us up for air......good luck
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Sparkey, You know from My Thread on the Off-Topic Section of what I'm Going through right now, and I know how You Feel! When Injured, I was 42, 6'2" 208lbs. and in the Best Shape of My Life! Every Weekend in Warm Weather My A** was on the Back of My Motorcycle, and when it was Cold I was Hunting either Deer or Bear with a Pistol!! I Had no Fear, No Problems, (other than Normal), and there was't a Soul on this Earth I Feared! I Worked Hard as a Household Mover/Class A Tractor Trailer Driver, and the Last Week of Work I set a Record in the Co. I worked for, which has been around 60+ Years, My Crew of 4 Young Men and I, My Son Included, threw 70,000 Pounds of Household in One Week!! What I Mean by Throwing was the Term We Used to Describe coming to an Empty House, Unloading the Clients Earthly Belongings, Appliances, Pianos, and all, and Placing them in the Home so that when We left, the Client had to Put the Bed Linens on, and go to Bed, that's what I did!! I now can't Lift over 5lbs., can't stand on Concrete for More than 5 Minutes, Hunting and Riding is Gone, and just going to the Bank is a Major Chore!! I was taken from a Beer Drinkin', Whiskey Shootin' Hard Working Country Boy, Loud and Proud, to just another Cripple in the Corner, that People Avoid!! So You are not alone My Friend, and You Surely are not Wrong in Voicing Your Concerns! I Hate these Meds., but can't Walk without them, My Pain is Chronic, and it takes all of the Energy and Love I Have for My Family for Me not to think of Making it All End Every Day! I know there is a God or a Higher Power, I'm Sure of it, because You See, if there wasn't, and I didn't Love My Family Soo Much, with the Pain I Feel, I may have taken the Cowards Way Out a While ago!! But I couldn't Stand to think of Their Pain, So I Live in My Pain, Smile, and do Everything I can to Make Sure they are O.K.! That's How Severe My Pain and Depression is, so I Relate Totally Sparkey, I Live for them, not Myself, because there isn't a Soul Living that Deserves what I Feel Everyday!! Be Well My Friend!!Wink

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