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Back Damage - VA
does anyone know?

Workers comp is entirely different than private insurance. You will still continue to get medical care as well as medications through the insurance company..and if you are collecting any kind of monetary benefits because your treating Dr has taken you off of work, then they should continue.

If you were still working and got laid off, then you are eligible to apply for unemployment, as long as you are able to look for work within your restrictions. And if offered a job within your restrictions, you must accept or they will end your unemployment.

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i had my emg on my cervical and lower . the results are nerve pinch @ L5-S1 , my cervical shows normal, so the paper says. but when i was there the nurse let it slip that i had nerve damage. i went back to the neurosurgeon he told me that he would not recommend a fusion of the L5-S1. but he would do a L5/S1 discectomy
has anyone had this? and what are my options etc.. they are leaving it completely up to me, i tryed to explain to the doc. that i have severe neck pain, shoulder pain and wrist pain, seems like i cant hold up anything for a long time, if you read up it explains what all i have wrong with me. but the doc didnt want to hear about my upper pain, he said one thing at a time and i dont know what todo at this point. hes talking about putting me through phsycological tests to see if im a candidate for a successful surgery....! has anyone heard of this? or they said i can goto pain management . has anyone have any advice?
you can request a second medical opinion. make your request to the carrier in writing.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
this is the second opinion, the first w/c doc said i need surgery on both c5/c6 and l5/s1. and the second opinion doc said no to c5/c6 surgery as it would not help and sent me for emg on upper and lower , lower came back as pinched nerve at l5/s1 and the upper is normal. but im having all this upper and neck pain and shoulder pain , wrist pain etc...when the nurse was in there i asked her why i couldnt feel the needles , she said nerve damage... i paused and said i got nerve damage? she said im not suppose to tell you , as i dont read the results. but in writing they were normal!
oh and there tellin me the cervical pain is mechanical ... wth is that? and how do you fix mechanical pain resulting in a .......

cervical spine,
1:c3-c4 bulging disc
2:c4-c5 annular disc tear
3:c5-c6 ruptured disc "went through injections" didnt work doc recommended surgery"
4:c6-c7 disc bulge
5:c7-t1 disc bulge
Or sometimes you need a 3rd , 4th or 5th opinion. I have seen 18 doctors sofar and have had many diagnosis. I still sometimes wonder really what is wrong with me because I just had a MRI of my cervical and have alot of numbness in my hand/ arm and shoulder. It feels like the circulation is cut off under my arm pit area and I have all the symptoms of RSD such as the burning and not wanting things to touch my hand, rash only on that side etc. It is now moving onto the other side as far as the symptoms. I just do not know what to do anymore as I am giving up on doctors and all the tests, injections etc.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
have you had any surgeries?

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