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Back Damage - VA
ok heres my story , i got injured on the job last april , from the extent of my injury , ive seen 2 doctors both are w/c docs ... heres what the first "spinal surgeon" doctor found from MRI

cervical spine,
1:c3-c4 bulging disc
2:c4-c5 annular disc tear
3:c5-c6 ruptured disc "went through injections" didnt work doc recommended surgery"
4:c6-c7 disc bulge
5:c7-t1 disc bulge

Lumbar spine L5-S1
6: Disc protrusion impinges on the L5 nerve root "went through injections" didnt work doc recommended surgey"

W/C seeked a second oppinion from a neurosurgeon , he gave me a exam and his results were , no need for surgey on C5-C6 , as it wont help me. w/c seeked a second opinion due to the fact the spinal surgeon wanted todo a disc replacement. i go back next week for a emg . on my upper and lower problems. as far as my w/c lawyers go he advised me to just keep him updated , as things progress. i am off work now , i am having extreme neck pain and stiffness,pain sometimes in my throat. , hand and wrist pain shoulder pain
my low back :severe leg weakness, needles in my rump! low back pain.

anyone here on this board been through what i have? maybe have some advice for me.?

Thanks in advance
bump bump - my state is virginia........
Magcom, Welcome to the forum, even if the circumstances are a injury, I am sorry I can't help you much, But hang in there and someone will come along to help. Being it is the weekend , it may take a few days before your questions are answered, It is always slower on Sat and Sun...... Good luck.
Do you have an attorney?

I also have a back injury as well as knee injuries.

I've been to 2 doctors, both say the injury is work comp related.
One doctor says no treatment is needed, the other doctor says treatment is needed.

My attorney filed for a hearing, we recently went to court and the judge sent me to a third doctor for an impartial decision.

The third doctor also says the back is work comp related and treatment is needed.
The third doctor's report will go to the judge and a decision will be made.
yes i have 2 attorneys, best in this area. the first doc "spinal surgeon" says i need surgery , w/c second opinion doc , says surgery will not help and hes a neurosurgeon
. i do have to have a emg study done soon ordered by the neurosurgeon. my L5-S1 hes more concerned that a nerve may be impinged there as well. i guess ill see what happens soon, thanks for the response
i have a question that i hope someone can answer , why is my attorney only taking updates? he hasnt made any attempt to contact or get any records , is this standard? im gettin treatment and everything im still waiting on the emg. could he be waiting for a good situation turn bad? or waiting for theres nothing else they can do for me etc...
ask him..... he may already have it all and only need updates to stay current
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If your workers comp Dr's assistant's are on their toes, they are sending Dr's notes to your attorney after each visit.

I just got my med records yesterday from my WC treating Dr. There were 99 pages sent. Including fax records of what has been sent to my attorney, and what had been faxed to my STD company.

I finally got a call this afternoon from my adjustor at the LTD company. They finally received my med. records and they were scanned into my file at the LTD company and sent out for medical review. I should have an answer back within 10 to 14 working days..the 14th to the 17th. So if all goes well, will have something from LTD as well as WC by the end of this month.

Angel ^j^
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hope things work out for you angel i think you've waited far too long. good luck, i'll be praying for you.
permanent layoff... what happens now still on workcomp ...

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