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What's the rule?
State: Arkansas

My wife recently injured her hand at work. An automatic door closed on her hand and smashed it between the door and a cleaning cart.

The company she works for made her clock out and they had one of their employees take her to a "Company" doctor.

Luckily she just severly bruised it, nothing broken.

Today she had to go back to the doctor to check her hand. The company again made her clock out, but this time she had to drive herself to the doctor.

Question is:
1. Is not the company liable to pay her wages for going to the doctor on both occassions?

2. Is not the company responsible to provide transportation to and from the doctor for her checkup? If not, then are they obligated to pay her mileage for using her personal vehicle?
Not sure in your state but here they do not have to pay wages or provide transportation to and from the doctor
unless there is a specific employment contract to pay wages, injured workers are only allowed disability.
disability is not leave time for treatment, court dates, IME exams, prescriptions, therapy, picking up/delivering xrays/records etc.
disability is time off work given by the authorized treating doctor.
she can claim mileage($.43/mi)

she can find the rules and other information on the state website
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
nope they dont have to do either from what you have wrote all they HAVE to do is pay the doc bill...WC doesnt pay for pain and suffering....depending on the state some pay milage to and from doc some dont if you are in the same town
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They do have to either pay her mileage or transport her, if she can' not drive...or at least that is what they have to do in VA. They pay me .43 per mile, if I drive myself and if the Dr. states that I can't drive or can't drive a certain distance...they then provide me with a ride.
I also get paid all my mileage round trip to each doctors appointment monthly and to my MRI exams etc. They are suppose to pay them back to you within 30 days or you can report them and they can be fined for not paying that to you on time. I know it is certain states that also get paid to go pick up their medications at the pharmacy also.I was paid once by mistake to pick mine up and then found out that they were not suppose to pay that here in NH.
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In my case, my company paid me while I had PT or doctors appmnts during work....but i was also saleried. The company does not have to pay you for appmnts during working hrs. If this is cutting into your paycheck too much, ask for medical appmnts only AFTER your working hrs. Possibly they can oblige.

Take care, LillySmile
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